• Humira Pen is a covered medication with a "Specialty" copayment. ($$$$)
  • Notice: Humira Pen requires prior authorization. (PA)
  • Notice: Humira Pen has a quantity limit. (QL)

Alternative drugs to Humira Pen may be available. Review this list with your doctor.

Drug NameDrug FormCoveredTypeYour Cost*Notices?
EnbrelEnbrel Subcutaneous KitYesBrand$$$$Yes
EnbrelEnbrel Subcutaneous SyringeYesBrand$$$$Yes
HumiraHumira Subcutaneous KitYesBrand$$$$Yes
Enbrel SureclickEnbrel Sureclick Subcutaneous Pen InjectorYesBrand$$$$Yes
Humira PenHumira Pen SubcutaneousYesBrand$$$$Yes
Humira Crohn's Dis Start PckHumira Crohn's Disease Starter Pack Subcutaneous Pen KitYesBrand$$$$Yes
Humira Psoriasis Starter PackHumira Psoriasis Starter Pack Subcutaneous Pen KitYesBrand$$$$Yes
SimponiSimponi Subcutaneous SyringeYesBrand$$$$Yes
SimponiSimponi Subcutaneous Pen InjectorYesBrand$$$$Yes
Simponi ARIASimponi ARIA Intravenous SolutionYesBrand$$$$Yes
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