• Simvastatin is a covered medication with a Tier 1 copayment. ($$$$)

Alternative drugs to Simvastatin may be available. Review this list with your doctor.

Drug NameDrug FormCoveredTypeYour Cost*Notices?
AtorvastatinAtorvastatin TabletYesGeneric$$$$No
SimvastatinSimvastatin TabletYesGeneric$$$$No
FluvastatinFluvastatin CapsuleYesGeneric$$$$No

Show alternative drugs that are not covered »

These alternative drugs are not covered.

Drug NameDrug FormCoveredTypeYour Cost*Notices?
LipitorLipitor TabletNoBrand$$$$No
ZocorZocor TabletNoBrand$$$$No
PravacholPravachol TabletNoBrand$$$$No
MevacorMevacor TabletNoBrand$$$$No
LescolLescol CapsuleNoBrand$$$$No
Lescol XLLescol XL Tablet,Extended ReleaseNoBrand$$$$No
CrestorCrestor TabletNoBrand$$$$No
AltoprevAltoprev Tablet,Extended ReleaseNoBrand$$$$No
LivaloLivalo TabletNoBrand$$$$No
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