members Pay for Performance Overview

UPMC Health Plan’s Partners Program combines the best of traditional care-giving with the innovation of modern health care by strengthening the bond between you and your personal physician while providing the resources and technology to better manage your health.

Have you ever worried about your cholesterol?
Have you ever tried to quit smoking?
Have you ever had a question about a prescription medicine?

The Partners Program will help you find the answers to these questions and many more. Your personal physician understands your health history and can help you stay on top of important preventive health services.

Partners Program services include:

  • Access to a broad network of physicians
  • A Member Advocate from UPMC Health Plan who will contact you regularly about your health and wellness needs and explain benefits
  • Reminders for preventive care
  • Support for appointment scheduling
  • Access to our Member Message Center, a secure electronic tool that allows you to communicate with UPMC Health Plan representatives
  • A clinical care advisor to address your health needs

You are also empowered to manage your own health information through our exclusive MyHealth program, which includes telephone coaching, online tools and resources, and discounts on physical fitness activities. For more information, call your Member Advocate or log in to MyHealth OnLine.

  • MyHealth Advice Line: 1-866-918-1591
    Day or night, UPMC Health Plan’s MyHealth Advice Line is available to provide you with health advice and a triage service 24/7.

  • MyHealth OnLine
    Visit to access our easy-to-use Internet-based programs to help you manage your weight, quit smoking, and become more physically active.

  • MyHealth Record
    A confidential online personal health record provides an instant look at your medical history which is automatically uploaded to the site through claims data and health assessment information.

  • MyHealth Ready to Quit Line: 1-800-807-0751
    Health coaches are available to answer your questions, offer support, and guide you through tobacco cessation.

  • Healthy Living Rewards
    Present your Health Plan member ID card at the time of purchase to receive discounts at a variety of fitness facilities, exercise equipment retailers, and salons.

  • Health Management Programs: 1-866-778-6073
    You have access to diabetes educators, nurses, pharmacists, and other health experts who will help you identify problems and work with you and your physician to manage specific medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, respiratory problems, depression, low back pain, and pregnancy.

The Partners Program is the beginning of a conversation for a lifetime of good health.