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Partner Highlights

Our UPMC MyHealth Community partners share a vision of bringing good health and a better quality of life to the people they serve. These organizations demonstrate their commitment to community well-being through health-related programming, special events, and awareness campaigns focused on the unique needs of children and adults — from smartphone apps to interactive cooking programs.


Children's Museum of Pittsburgh

Active playtime is an important part of children’s growth and development.

Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh embraces this concept by offering innovative programs that inspire children and their families to be more physically active and make nutritious food choices on a daily basis. UPMC Health Plan works closely with staff at the museum to develop health and wellness programs. Thousands of children and their parents participate in energetic and fun activities such as hula hoop and jump rope demonstrations, obstacle courses, nutrition and cooking presentations, family dance parties, yoga, and more.

The Children’s Museum was the first to launch UPMC Health Plan’s Dining Smart Community in their Big Red Room Café — a program that helps families easily identify the healthiest food choices when dining away from home.


Children's Museum of Pittsburgh

Live Well Allegheny

“Living well" should be within everyone’s reach.

Live Well Allegheny aims to improve the health and well-being of Allegheny County residents through a collaborative effort that involves multiple stakeholders, partners and residents. Launched in 2014 by Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, the countywide campaign is being led by the Board of Health and Allegheny Health Department Director, Dr. Karen Hacker. Communities, schools and restaurants are encouraged to gain Live Well status so they can contribute to making Allegheny County the “healthiest county" in the nation. Initially, the Live Well Allegheny Campaign is focusing on obesity prevention and physical activity promotion, including healthy eating and individual health management. UPMC Health Plan is a proud partner of Live Well Allegheny, and all food venues at UPMC facilities have become Live Well Restaurants.

Live Well Allegheny

Fitt PGH

Fitt PGH

Good health starts at home … and sometimes, in your hometown.

Fitt PGH is on a mission to encourage and empower every Pittsburgher to be more physically active and eat nutritiously. Maybe you're looking for the latest “top 10" list of unique health and wellness events in the Pittsburgh region, or perhaps you just want to find a community that shares your health-conscious mindset. Either way, Fitt PGH has something for you. UPMC Health Plan wants to help make healthy choices easier for everyone. That’s why we’re proud to partner with Fitt PGH to bring you up-to-date fitness knowledge and news. We are working together to build a true culture of health in Pittsburgh.

Read Fitt PGH’s guest post on our blog

Fitt PGH


On the journey toward a healthier community, a little motivation and teamwork can go a long way.

The United Way of Allegheny County is working with more than 100 Pittsburgh organizations to improve the health of underserved children up to age 12. Mobilization and motivation are at the core of fitUnited’s mission. fitUnited regularly offers educational programs about children’s health to local businesses, schools, and community leaders. They encourage partners to create a wellness plan that promotes healthy habits at work and at home. fitUnited also embraces the spirit of volunteerism by providing opportunities for partners to assist United Way agencies that serve children. UPMC Health Plan is proud to support fitUnited and its work with children in the community.


Senator John Heinz History Center

What do history and health have in common? A lot, actually!

UPMC Health Plan’s strong partnership with the Senator John Heinz History Center has allowed us to blend health information and history education in an unprecedented way.

Smart Steps is the first and only exhibit of its kind. Smart Steps is located in the History Center’s stairwell and spans six floors (12 flights of steps). On the way up, visitors view Pittsburgh artifacts and read interesting health tips. Those who reach the “summit" are rewarded with a Heinz pickle pin!

We collaborated with the History Center’s education staff to develop the Healthy Heritage Cooking Series — a field trip for middle school students from underserved communities. Children learn about immigration and food traditions from various cultures; then they participate in an interactive cooking demonstration with ethnic foods. A toolkit of health and wellness resources is available for teachers to use in the classroom prior to the field trip.

At the Kidsburgh exhibit, a dairy display sponsored by UPMC Health Plan helps children learn about the important nutrients found in dairy products. Families can take home a variety of Dining Smart Community healthy recipes that use dairy ingredients, and kids can play a card game that tests their memory about the “dairy facts" they learned.

Smart Steps Video

Senator John Heinz History Center
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