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In Your Community e-Newsletter

UPMC Health Plan In Your Community is a quarterly e-newsletter for UPMC Health Plan members that highlights special events, programs, and nonprofit organizations we support in the communities we serve. You'll find opportunities to participate in UPMC Health Plan-sponsored programs, exclusive member discounts, and more.

This e-newsletter is part of UPMC MyHealth Community, an initiative of UPMC Health Plan that supports public programs to help families and communities achieve a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle.

Fall/Winter 2020 e-Newsletter

Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank and UPMC Health Plan team up for a successful fundraising campaign in response to COVID-19

The economic impact of COVID-19 has strained the resources of nearly all social service agencies—but food banks are some of the hardest hit organizations due to an urgent need from families who, for the first time, find themselves without a way to put food on the table. So when the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank approached us about working together on a matching fundraiser campaign over the summer, we jumped at the opportunity. UPMC Health Plan committed $150,000 in 1:1 matching dollars to this effort, which ran from June 1-30, 2020. Funds raised helped the Food Bank provide fresh, healthy food to families in its 12-county service area in southwestern Pennsylvania during this difficult time.

The public response to the summer campaign went above and beyond the Food Bank’s—and our—expectations.

  • $120,000 donated in the first week of the campaign
  • $611,000 total donations—the equivalent of more than 3 million meals
  • More than 5,000 donors

We are thrilled with these results and we thank our UPMC Health Plan members and the community for joining us in support of the Food Bank!

Make a donation to the Food Bank.

Good Health, Better World

"Social determinants of health" is the focus of the first season of the Good Health, Better World podcast with PostIndustrial media. This eight-episode series convenes community leaders and UPMC Health Plan experts in conversation about how we can move forward together in addressing the social needs of our communities. Father Paul Abernathy from the Neighborhood Resilience Project was featured in Episode 1, which aired in early December.

Listen to the Good Health, Better World podcast.

After 30 years, an influential community leader retires from UPMC Health Plan

Scott Lammie

One of UPMC Health Plan’s most influential representatives in the greater Pittsburgh community will retire at the end of 2020.

Scott Lammie, Senior Vice President, Business Development, and Board Treasurer for the UPMC Insurance Services Division, was integral to the early formation of UPMC and helped facilitate its growth to become the second largest managed care organization in the U.S. Throughout his 30-year tenure at UPMC and UPMC Insurance Services Division, he generously dedicated his personal and professional talents to numerous nonprofit boards, offering expertise on fundraising, operations, and strategic planning matters.

Scott’s commitment to the community reflects his strong belief in doing the right thing and improving quality of life for UPMC Health Plan members and the most vulnerable populations in our service areas. He has always been an advocate for social service coordination and collaboration with community organizations in disadvantaged neighborhoods to ensure the most effective use of resources. Scott’s vision and his creative, thoughtful, strategic approach to innovation was welcomed by the nonprofit organizations he helped lead as a board member—including Manchester Bidwell Corporation, Duquesne University, Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, Little Sisters of the Poor, The Forbes Funds, Boy Scouts of America Laurel Highlands Council, and many more. He was a driving force to persuade his colleagues at UPMC and business leaders at other companies to embrace the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals as a basis for tackling societal challenges, and served as UPMC Health Plan’s executive representative for Sustainable Pittsburgh’s CEOs for Sustainability. As a steadfast supporter of the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development’s Neighborhood Assistance Program, he was integral during an advocacy campaign to double the funding cap from $18M to $36M (to enable many more nonprofit organizations in Pennsylvania to receive funding from corporate sponsors), and provided powerful testimony in Harrisburg that aided the passing of bipartisan legislation signed by Governor Tom Wolf in 2018.

Over the years, Scott earned recognition for his genuine ability to “walk the talk” in both his personal and professional life; he was honored by the Dignity & Respect Campaign in 2016, named a Health Care Hero by the Pittsburgh Business Times in 2018, recognized by The Pittsburgh Project as A Servant Leader in 2019, and most recently in October of this year he was named a Grand Champion by UPMC Senior Services for his unwavering support of the senior citizen community. Scott also served as chair for several large fundraising campaigns in the nonprofit sector, such as the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh’s Great Night Gala and the Walk for Children’s, among others.

Conduct a simple internet search and you’ll find many more examples of Scott’s community involvement—and his commitment to the health and vitality of UPMC Health Plan members— that aren’t covered in this short newsletter. We thank Scott for his years of service to UPMC Health Plan and his powerful advocacy for the communities we serve. We congratulate him on his retirement!

Scott Lammie at HCEFScott Lammie

Photo credit: UPMC Health Plan

Scott has been known to roll up his sleeves and personally get involved in community projects. In 2015, he helped to mobilize boxes and bags filled with backpacks containing school supplies at the UPMC Distribution Facility in the South Side of Pittsburgh, which were loaded onto buses and distributed to more than 20 sites on behalf of the Homeless Children’s Education Fund.

Community Spotlight: Neighborhood Resilience Project

NRP Trauma Response Van

Photo credit: Neighborhood Resilience Project/Facebook

The Neighborhood Resilience Project is rooted in the Gospel and teaching of the Orthodox Church and inspired by the American Civil Rights Movement. Led by Father Paul Abernathy, pastor of St. Moses the Black Orthodox Church in the Hill District neighborhood of Pittsburgh, its mission is to support the transformation of neighborhoods from trauma-affected communities to “resilient healing and healthy communities” so that families can sustain opportunities and realize their potential.

The Neighborhood Resilience Project began in 2011 (then known as “FOCUS Pittsburgh”) as a ministry that offered food, clothing, transportation assistance, document recovery, and emergency relief to families living in the Hill District. Often, a conversation with the family uncovered other harsh realities of life—for instance, a time they were evicted, a time they lost someone to gun violence, or a time they were abused. If they did not directly experience such a trauma, they likely knew someone who did. In response to this, the organization formed a partnership between Duquesne University, researchers from the University of Pittsburgh, members of the Orthodox Church, and local community leaders. From the partnership came an advanced Trauma Informed Community Development model for evaluating the health, well-being, and resilience of the community.

One pillar of this model is a trauma response team which is deployed to families of gun homicide victims in Allegheny County to immediately care for their physical, mental, and spiritual health needs. A unique and trusted resource in the community, the trauma response team reduces the chance of retaliation and provides wraparound services to help families coping with fear and the pain of loss.

The Neighborhood Resilience Project also operates a free health center and dental clinic in the Hill District, serving the neighborhood’s most vulnerable population. UPMC Health Plan has supported the operation and expansion of the Free Health Center for nearly a decade. In 2020, we provided funding to help the organization move its clinic to the former Hill House Association building in the Hill District. The new Free Health Center will feature state of the art equipment and multiple exam rooms for physical health and dental services (the former clinic had only one exam room), which will enable multiple patients be seen at one time, thereby expanding necessary health services to more families in the community.

Earlier this year, UPMC Center for Engagement and Inclusion helped the Neighborhood Resilience Project identify volunteers for a new initiative. The Neighborhood Resilience Project trained and deployed more than 100 of these volunteers to serve as Community Health Deputies, provide mental health support, and prevent the spread of COVID-19 in medically underserved communities—an effort which was highlighted in the New York Times.

With Pittsburgh as the epicenter for its work, the Neighborhood Resilience Project has trained more than a dozen cohorts from other cities in the implementation of the Trauma Informed Community Development model. UPMC Health Plan is grateful to the Neighborhood Resilience Project for developing innovative health programs to help some of the most disadvantaged families in our region, all while continuing its mission-critical support work of offering food, clothing, counseling, and social services to communities in need.

Celebrate “Halfway to Earth Day”

2020 Pittsburgh Earth Day events were canceled in the spring, then postponed until October, and then finally went virtual in late October to commemorate the halfway point to 2021 Earth Day. A series of free podcasts, videos, and interviews are now available online—including a look back at previous years’ Earth Day Ecolution fashion shows, an Electric Vehicle Showcase, and a panel discussion with local corporate leaders about sustainable business practices. UPMC Health Plan is proud to support Pittsburgh Earth Day and these virtual events.

Access the Pittsburgh Earth Day events.

Front Row: The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Virtual Experience

UPMC Health Plan is pleased to support Front Row: The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Virtual Experience, to be released throughout November and December 2020. This five-episode series will feature live musical performances aligned to unique themes, and exclusive interviews with PSO musicians and music director Manfred Honeck, Pittsburgh leaders and dignitaries, and friends of the PSO. Episodes will be available on the PSO website and on On-Demand for Comcast Xfinity customers. All episodes will be available to view through April 2021. You can watch the first episode, Our Love for Pittsburgh.

Protect yourself, your family, and your community this flu season

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that everyone 6 months old and older should get the flu vaccine each year. The shot is especially important for:

  • Pregnant women.
  • Children under 5 (they are more likely to have flu-related complications).
  • Anyone living with a child who is younger than 6 months old.
  • People at high risk of developing flu-related complications.

How to get a flu shot
The flu vaccine is free and easy to get. Get it at your doctor’s office or local pharmacy. Children younger than 3 must go to their doctor’ office to for the vaccine.

The flu shot is more important than ever
COVID-19 and the flu are different viruses, but they have similar symptoms. These include a fever and chills, a sore throat, a cough, nasal congestion, headaches, muscle pain, and fatigue.

Getting the flu vaccine and taking your child to get his or hers will reduce the severity of your illness if you catch the flu. It will also reduce the number of flu cases in our community. This will make it easier for health care providers to focus on patients who need critical care for COVID-19.

Don’t delay—schedule you and your child’s flu shot today.

To learn more about getting a flu shot or to find a pharmacy near you, visit

For tips on staying healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, visit

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Summer 2020

Staying strong, together: Our COVID-19 community response

UPMC Health Plan is committed to providing our members and the communities we serve with world-class assessment and treatment related to coronavirus (COVID-19). We are working with our community partners across the region to circulate accurate information and prevention tips to communities that tend to be more susceptible to the virus. We are waiving cost-sharing for UPMC Health Plan members who seek testing, telehealth services, and in-patient treatment related to COVID-19. We also increased access to the UPMC MyHealth 24/7 Nurse Line, UPMC LifeSolutions, and our new Brain Manager app, and allowed early prescription refills. Our Staying in Touch virtual events are free and open to everyone, and feature a different health and wellness topic each week. Additionally, UPMC Health Plan’s case management team has received thousands of calls from our members who have questions about COVID-19 and its effect on existing health conditions. During those calls, members are screened for social needs like food insecurity, housing instability, and lack of transportation. Since March, our case managers have successfully referred more than 4,000 members to organizations that provide support services to assist with these needs.

While the health and well-being of our members comes first, we haven’t lost focus on the broader community. In neighborhoods where health and socio-economic disparity existed prior to the pandemic, the chasm has only deepened. We also recognize the countless families and individuals who, for the first time, do not have a stable income or a way to put food on the table as our country’s economy has shifted. In the months ahead, people from all walks of life will increasingly depend on social service organizations for support. Such organizations are now expected to deliver more services, with fewer resources available to them. UPMC Health Plan is responding to the needs of the nonprofit community in various ways—not only financially, but through strong collaboration and connections that allow the Food Bank to facilitate a necessary shift in service delivery. A few examples include identifying vendors who can prepare and deliver meals to senior apartment buildings, procuring hand sanitizer and medical supplies for organizations that serve disabled or elderly individuals, and offering volunteers and a stock of tote bags for food banks to pack fresh produce for families in need. We will continue these efforts as our community partners engage with us, and we anticipate doing even more in the future.

Please visit our COVID-19 page for the most up-to-date information and tips to stay healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Championing diversity and inclusion in the community

The events of the past several weeks have been a catalyst for our nation to ask tough questions and have necessary conversations about the role diversity and racial equity play in society. UPMC Health Plan has long understood how these elements affect the delivery of health care and access to health resources for the most vulnerable communities. We remain committed to being a strong champion of diversity and inclusion for our employees, our members, and everyone we serve.

  • UPMC Health Plan makes it a priority to support nonprofit organizations that focus on diversity awareness and bring forth change for marginalized communities, particularly when it comes to expanding access to health care and providing education about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.
  • We offer specialized services to transgender members to help them navigate the health system and receive the best possible care to meet their needs.
  • UPMC Health Plan offers educational and supportive health management resources to address the specific health concerns women face, such as pregnancy, heart disease, and even domestic violence. We are also committed to supporting economic development opportunities which help women attain their fullest career potential.
  • In 2019 and 2020, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation named UPMC Health Plan one of the "2020 Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality."
  • The UPMC Center for Social Impact was launched in 2019 to address both the social needs and social determinants of UPMC Health Plan’s diverse member communities that struggle with significant health disparity.
  • UPMC Health Plan works closely with UPMC Center for Engagement and Inclusion to connect our members and the communities we serve to UPMC’s health equity resources.

We know there is more work to be done. As we continue our journey toward the highest level of diversity and inclusion, we embrace the UPMC core values of dignity and respect for all. Consider reading Insight, Innovation, Inclusion: UPMC’s Legacy of Diversity, a feature report about the history of diversity in the UPMC workforce and efforts which have helped UPMC become a more inclusive environment over the years.

Community Spotlight: Global Links

Global Links distributionGlobal Links food

Photo credit: Global Links

Global Links is a nonprofit organization founded 30 years ago in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania., that redirects surplus medical supplies to nonprofit clinics and other agencies that serve low-income communities in the United States as well as medical centers in Latin America and the Caribbean which lack access to medical resources. It accepts donations from U.S. health care facilities and community organizations—everything from crutches, adult briefs (like Depends), and nebulizers, to unexpired nutritional shakes (like Ensure or Glucerna) and clinical furnishings like beds, IV poles, and more. Global Links focuses on projects that improve primary care and maternal and infant health and increase access to equipment used in the treatment of chronic conditions such as asthma. It collaborates with elected officials and community leaders to ensure that its projects align with public health needs, strengthen health systems, and create measurable results.

The work of Global Links is especially significant today, as the COVID-19 pandemic has caused shortages of medical supplies domestically and internationally. The strong expertise and deep connections that Global Links has built within the medical community positioned it to become the natural leader of a new, collaborative effort to source, manufacture, and distribute personal protective equipment (PPE) to nonprofits and safety net organizations in southwestern Pennsylvania. The equipment is delivered to free and/or charitable clinics (FQHCs), shelters, nursing homes, childcare centers, and other organizations that are on the front lines of combatting COVID-19. Using ACCESS van transportation as a means for delivery, Global Links has successfully made more than 300 local shipments of gloves, gowns, face masks, disinfectants and other medical supplies to over 200 organizations in southwestern Pennsylvania.

UPMC regularly donates its surplus medical supplies to Global Links for redistribution. In 2019, UPMC donated 115 tons of supplies and items to Global Links. UPMC Health Plan also provided funding to Global Links for the purchase of a new distribution truck in 2020. We applaud Global Links during this difficult time and the leadership it has shown to ensure that health care workers and community organizations have the equipment they need to stay safe and take care of the people they serve.

The Beckwith Institute gives $400,000 to support COVID-19 relief in communities served by UPMC and UPMC Health Plan

To care for the communities UPMC and UPMC Health Plan serve during the COVID-19 pandemic, The Beckwith Institute is providing $200,000 to more than a dozen charitable organizations that address food insecurity and other emergency needs for the most vulnerable people living in Pennsylvania, western Maryland, and New York. Another $200,000 will be given as grants to health care workers devising projects that promote COVID-19 recovery efforts.

Read the full press release and see a list of organizations that will receive funding.

Virtual activities and experiences for the whole family

During this difficult time, numerous cultural institutions are closed to the public. However, many of UPMC Health Plan's partner organizations in the Pittsburgh region have come up with novel ways to continue engaging with their audiences—virtually. From the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium to the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, you can find something for everyone in your family to enjoy! Learn more about these virtual community activities.

United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania’s 211 hotline

If you or someone you know is struggling with unmet social needs during this time, you can refer them to the United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania’s 211 hotline. PA 2-1-1 Southwest has partnered with the Allegheny County Health Department and is ready to help people facing difficulties. Resource navigators can help connect individuals and families with food pantries, health care services, tax preparation assistance, utility and eviction prevention assistance, and more. Those seeking help should dial 2-1-1, text their ZIP code to 898-211, or visit

Spring 2020

Shake off the winter blues: Think spring

Tired of being stuck inside all winter? Just "think spring." Mark your calendar for these upcoming events, which are sure to cure cabin fever!

UPMC Health Plan Family Fun Fest at Phipps Conservatory

On Sunday, March 15, UPMC Health Plan members will get 50 percent off* the cost of up to four general admission tickets to Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. You and your family can participate in games and interactive activities presented by Let’s Move Pittsburgh, and then stop by a UPMC Health Plan table for free giveaways, wellness resources, blood pressure and bone density screenings, and more. Regular admission fees apply. Members must show their UPMC Health Plan member ID card at the admission desk to receive the discount. Ticket availability is subject to venue capacity.

March of Dimes March for Babies

UPMC and UPMC Health Plan are presenting sponsors of the March of Dimes March for Babies at Heinz Field on Sunday, April 19. When you March for Babies, you make a statement about the world you want to live in—one in which healthy moms and strong babies are a priority for us all. Join a team with your family and friends to celebrate, honor, and remember babies and help raise critical funds to support research, advocacy, and programs.

Pittsburgh Earth Day: 50th Anniversary

Join UPMC Health Plan in Market Square on Friday, April 24 and Saturday, April 25 and Schenley Park on Saturday, April 25, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Enjoy free live music featuring local bands and performers, and a festival atmosphere with booths from a variety of vendors starting at 11 a.m. Look for the purple UPMC Health Plan mobile van at our "wellness corner" in both locations and visit us to receive a free health screening and giveaways. Tree Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania Conservancy will also be giving away tree seedlings at both events.

Community Spotlight: Community Kitchen Pittsburgh

Community Kitchen PittsburghCommunity Kitchen Pittsburgh

Community Kitchen Pittsburgh, also known simply as “CKPgh,” is a food-focused nonprofit dedicated to helping unemployed adults achieve their fullest potential through the development of culinary skills that help them obtain stable employment in the food service industry. CKPgh’s 12-week vocational training includes a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on learning opportunities in a commercial kitchen environment. Students work alongside professional chefs to learn about proper food handling, safety, and sanitization—and gain the skills necessary to perform high-volume catering and a-la-carte food production. Graduates of the program even receive a ServSafe Manager certification.

An applied training model is the reason why CKPgh graduates are so successful in the industry. CKPgh operates a catering division, provides meals for schools and other nonprofit organizations, and will soon be opening a full-service restaurant. All of these enterprises provide the foundation for CKPgh’s training curriculum. With a 93 percent job placement rate, many CKPgh grads go on to work in food service jobs that are higher than entry level and quickly move up through the ranks. Nearly 300 graduates are now working in kitchens throughout the greater Pittsburgh region.

CKPgh offers additional services to help students overcome barriers to education and employment, such as the provision of temporary bus passes to ensure adequate transportation to and from training and their first job, and assistance with resume writing and interview skills.

CKPgh’s workforce development model cultivates relationships with restaurants, nonprofit organizations, and employers in the region to give students the best opportunities for employment. UPMC frequently hires CKPgh graduates for food-service positions in hospital cafeterias, and UPMC Health Plan recently provided funding to CKPgh to help purchase kitchen equipment for its new headquarters and training facility in Hazelwood. We look forward to working even more closely with CKPgh in the future through our Pathways to Work program—an initiative that will support Medicaid-eligible beneficiaries with employment resources.

To learn more about CKPgh and its workforce training programs, visit

UPMC Health Plan announces new social impact initiative to address social determinants of health

For more than a decade, UPMC Health Plan has been at the forefront of a movement to help reduce health inequities in underserved communities. Now, we are launching UPMC Social Impact, a new initiative aimed at coordinating and expanding innovative methods to address social determinants of health.

“Social determinants of health” are environmental and lifestyle factors that affect an individual’s health but are not related to traditional health care. With the launch of the UPMC Social Impact initiative, UPMC Health Plan’s community outreach and member-focused activities will concentrate on key areas that directly affect at-risk individuals and their overall health—especially related to the issues of affordable housing, employment, and human services integration. The initiative will spearhead new support mechanisms for UPMC Health Plan members who experience homelessness, participate in collaborations to expand affordable housing, develop models for gainful employment, and integrate human services to simplify health care for vulnerable populations.

Examples of areas that UPMC Social Impact will expand upon include:

  • Nutritional needs and food insecurity
  • Affordable housing expansion
  • Employment opportunities for Medicaid members and individuals with disabilities
  • Transportation access
  • Improving coordination of health care for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • Accessible and quality care for LGBTQIA individuals
  • Coordinated health care and human services across state, county, and local programs
  • Early childhood initiatives, including childcare and well-child care
  • Prevention of social isolation, especially for individuals with dementia

These efforts will be tracked and monitored to develop evidence-based practices and policy changes for improving health care quality and efficiency. UPMC Health Plan will also develop a strategic plan for programming related to corporate social responsibility, including future business and investment opportunities in these areas.

Supporting neighborhood revitalization in more than 40 communities

UPMC Health Plan is deeply committed to improving the well-being of the communities and individuals we serve—not only our own members, but all who live and work in the neighborhoods where we have a business presence. In 2020, we are proud to fund the projects of nearly 100 nonprofit organizations located in more than 40 communities in Pennsylvania through the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development’s Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP). This program encourages the revitalization of communities and creation of jobs in distressed neighborhoods by providing monetary support to organizations that address social determinants of health among low-income populations. Focus areas include but are not limited to food insecurity, workforce development and education, affordable housing, blight remediation, and access to cultural and educational institutions and recreational green space. Through the NAP, UPMC Health Plan and other employers in the region support nonprofit organizations that are embedded into the fabric of the community and provide tangible outcomes. As a corporate funder, we guide organizations toward sustainable impact and provide the right resources to help them create healthier communities.

Stop by your local UPMC Health Plan Connect Center

Heading to your local mall? Stop by the UPMC Health Plan Connect Center to participate in this fun, health-inspired event! Be sure to check our events page often for information about what’s scheduled.

Take a stand against colon cancer

Time: 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. (stop by anytime)
Date: Saturday, March 16
Locations: Monroeville Mall, Ross Park Mall, South Hills Village, The Mall at Robinson, and Westmoreland Mall

Colorectal cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer among women and men in the United States. Good news: You have the power to change the risk factors you can control. Join us to get information about how to lower your colorectal cancer risk. Enjoy free giveaways, tips, and tools.

Building blocks for healthy kids

Time: 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. (stop by anytime)
Date: Saturday, April 11
Locations: Monroeville Mall, Ross Park Mall, South Hills Village, The Mall at Robinson, and Westmoreland Mall
Date: Saturday, April 18
Location: Loyal Plaza

Step by step, you can lay a strong foundation that will help your kids thrive—and we’re here to help! Join us at a UPMC Health Plan Connect Center to get information on which vaccines your child may need and when; how to teach your child good oral hygiene habits; and how to manage your child’s asthma, allergies, and other common health issues.

Fall 2019

UPMC Health Plan members can save on fun activities this fall and winter

Get ready for some fun! From October through December, UPMC and UPMC Health Plan will support many Pittsburgh-area events that offer free or discounted admission. Some offers will be exclusively for UPMC Health Plan members, but others will be open to the public.

Exclusively for UPMC Health Plan members:

  • Pittsburgh Pet Expo: $2 discount on admission* on Sunday, November 17. Show your UPMC Health Plan member ID card upon admission to receive the discount. See a grooming competition, meet the winner of the 2019 Cutest Pet Contest, watch the North America Diving dogs, and more. Be sure to stop by the UPMC Health Plan van to get a free blood pressure or bone density screening!
  • Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra: 50 percent off tickets* purchased online from November 19 through November 22 only, for select 2019-2020 performances. This offer is applicable for the purchase of up to eight regular-priced admission tickets. UPMC Health Plan members can use the code PSOUPMC to receive the discount. Visit, click “Promo Code” in the top right corner, and then enter the code. The discount will be applied once you select your seat and place it in your cart.
  • Senator John Heinz History Center: Free admission*+ on Sunday, December 8, for UPMC Health Plan members and up to three guests per member ID card. Show your UPMC Health Plan insurance card upon admission to receive free admission and the guest discount. Relive cherished memories at A Very Merry Pittsburgh, an exhibit featuring original artifacts from Kaufmann’s and Macy’s, antique Christmas decorations, and historic toys. Plus, pick up health and wellness resources and get a free blood pressure or bone density screening from UPMC Health Plan.

Public events:

  • Pittsburgh StepTrek: Free admission* on Saturday, October 5, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. This event will benefit the South Side Slopes Neighborhood Association and The Brashear Association Food Pantry. Registration will be at South Side Park (Josephine and 21st streets). Please bring a canned food item.
  • The Andy Warhol Museum: Free admission* on Sunday, October 20—the museum’s 25th Anniversary Community Day. Enjoy activities throughout the day such as artmaking, gallery talks, and live performances. You can also view the Andy Warhol Revelation exhibition. Stop by the UPMC Health Plan booth to get a FREE blood pressure screening and pick up health and wellness information and FREE giveaways!
  • Monroeville Arts Council: Free admission* to the Educational Outreach Workshop (Watercolor Painting) on Saturday, October 19, from 2 to 4 p.m. This event will be held at the Monroeville Public Library. Note: A $10 materials charge will be collected on the day of the event for those who are not members of the Monroeville Arts Council.
  • The Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History Free flu shots on Saturday, October 19, and Saturday, October 26, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Regular museum admission fees will apply. UPMC Health Plan membership is not required to receive a flu shot, but UPMC Health Plan members should bring their ID card. Children age 17 and younger will be eligible to receive a flu shot only if they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Flu shot availability is limited and will be given on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Monroeville Arts Council: Free admission* to the Holiday Craft Workshop (teens and adults) on Saturday, November 16, from 1 to 4 p.m. This event will be held at the Monroeville Public Library in the Program Room.
  • Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra: Free admission* to the Light Up Night holiday concerts on Friday, November 22. Three mini concerts will kick off the holiday season at Heinz Hall. Come for one, or stay for all three!
  • Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra: Free children's admission* to the Thanksgiving weekend concerts on Friday, November 29, and Sunday, December 1. You will receive up to two free tickets for children ages 6 to 18 with the purchase of each adult admission ticket.

*Admission and ticket availability is subject to venue capacity.

+Admission to the Senator John Heinz History Center does not include programs, seminars, or special events that may occur on December 8 and require a separate fee. The Fort Pitt Museum and Meadowcroft Rockshelter and Historic Village are not included in this offer.

Mission of Mercy Pittsburgh's third-annual free dental clinic puts smiles on more than 1,000 faces

MOM Pittsburgh

Imagine what it would be like if you had a toothache but didn’t have access to a dentist. Slight discomfort would quickly become unbearable pain, so you would go to the only place you could think of for care: the emergency department.

You would be sent home with painkillers and antibiotics, but the problem would only get worse. This is the reality for many people—from homeless veterans and single parents to families who can’t afford dental insurance. That’s why the Mission of Mercy (MOM) Pittsburgh free dental clinic is such an important event. It provides a vulnerable population with a valuable safety net and, more importantly, hope.

The MOM Pittsburgh free dental clinic was co-founded three years ago by Richard Celko, DMD, chief dental officer at UPMC Health Plan, Daniel Pituch, DMD, chief of oral and maxillofacial surgery at UPMC Mercy and UPMC Shadyside, and Michael Zamagias, chairman and CEO of TeleTracking Technologies Inc. The clinic offers dental services to all adults and children at no cost, regardless of their insurance coverage.

During its first two years, the clinic provided services to about 2,200 people. This year’s clinic was held July 26 and July 27, and more than 1,300 patients were seen.

The clinic is an expertly-run operation that requires the entire floor of PPG Paints Arena. There are 100 stations for exams, cleanings, fillings, tooth extractions, denture fittings, and other dental services. Every detail of a patient’s care is documented as they receive x-rays, medical screenings, referrals to medical and social support, and more. Support dogs are even available to help calm anxious patients.

More than 100 employees from UPMC and UPMC Health Plan participated in this year’s clinic, including pharmacists, respiratory therapists, nurses, dental hygienists, care managers, and social workers. Over 170 dentists—40 more than the previous year and many from UPMC Health Plan’s ancillary dental network—donated their time and expertise to perform dental services. UPMC and UPMC Health Plan also provided significant monetary support for dental and medical supplies; warm blankets for patients waiting in the triage area; and free takeaway bags, toothbrushes, and dental floss.

Gobble, gobble: The YMCA Turkey Trot is coming

UPMC Health Plan is the presenting sponsor of the 2019 YMCA Turkey Trot! This year’s event will be held on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 28, from 7 a.m. to noon on Pittsburgh’s North Shore. The event will include a 1-mile Family Fun Walk, a 5K Turkey Trot, a 5-Mile Turkey Trot, and a 5K plus 5-mile Double Gobble. Each event has a fee and registration is required. Visit to register.

Can’t participate this year? We encourage you to donate a nonperishable food item to help the YMCA reach its goal of collecting 10,000 pounds of food for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. Starting in October, food items will be collected at all local YMCA branches and participating MedExpress Urgent Care locations.

Upcoming UPMC Health Plan Connect Center events

Heading to your local mall? Stop by the UPMC Health Plan Connect Center to participate in these fun, health-inspired events! Be sure to check our events page often for information about what’s scheduled.

Inspiration. Education. Awareness.

Date: Saturday, October 12
Time: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Place: UPMC Health Plan Connect Centers at Monroeville Mall, Ross Park Mall, South Hills Village, The Mall at Robinson, and Westmoreland Mall

Stop by to learn about breast cancer prevention strategies, tests you may need, and more. You can talk one-on-one with UPMC Health Plan health coaches about self-exams, mammograms, and foods that can lower your breast cancer risk.

Get Dialed in on Diabetes!

Date: Saturday, November 16
Time: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Place: UPMC Health Plan Connect Centers at Monroeville Mall, Ross Park Mall, South Hills Village, The Mall at Robinson, and Westmoreland Mall

Stop by to learn how to manage or prevent diabetes. You can talk one-on-one with a UPMC health professional and get a free glucose screening.*

*Glucose screenings will not be available at Ross Park Mall or South Hills Village.

Unwrap Better Health

Date: Saturday, December 14
Time: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Place: UPMC Health Plan Connect Centers Monroeville Mall, Ross Park Mall, South Hills Village, The Mall at Robinson, and Westmoreland Mall

Stop by to learn how to minimize your holiday stress and maximize your chances of staying healthy. You can also get a FREE flu shot!*

*Flu shots will not be available at Ross Park Mall or South Hills Village.

Community Spotlight: STANDING FIRM

“The Business Case to End Partner Violence”

Watch a video from our president and CEO, Diane Holder, about what UPMC Health Plan is doing to address the issue of partner violence through STANDING FIRM.

Employers can make huge a difference in the lives of employees who are victims of partner violence, but they often don’t know what to do or that they have a role to play.

STANDING FIRM’s work is critical to educating southwestern Pennsylvania employers about the business cost of domestic violence. The organization provides training and programs to help employers recognize signs of domestic abuse among employees, take action to improve employee awareness, and refer employees to community resources for assistance.

STANDING FIRM was founded in 2009 by Patricia Cluss, PhD, a faculty member in the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine’s Department of Psychiatry and a behavioral health consultant to UPMC Health Plan for many years. Pat was joined by Susan Nitzberg and the late Barbara Penner. The three formed a solid team that gave the organization a strong foundation.

Under Pat’s leadership as executive director, STANDING FIRM’s employer membership grew exponentially in its first 10 years. The organization earned vocal support from Mayor Bill Peduto and County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, and they continue to co-chair the Host Committee for the annual STAND UP for STANDING FIRM Awards Luncheon. The event recognizes key individuals and employers in southwestern Pennsylvania who take significant steps to address the issue of partner violence in their workplace and the community.

UPMC Health Plan and UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital have been champions of STANDING FIRM’s work since its inception. During orientation, every new UPMC employee receives information about how to recognize the signs of domestic violence. Between January and October 2018 alone, more than 7,000 employees received this information. At UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital, the Magee Domestic Violence Task Force hosts annual employee trainings on intimate partner violence. The hospital screens all patients for signs of domestic violence, and victims are guided to case managers and resources for support.

UPMC Health Plan’s employee assistance program, Lifesolutions, is working with STANDING FIRM to offer a training session that provides an interactive, comprehensive overview of partner violence. Lifesolutions helps employees who are in an abusive relationship develop a personal safety plan, and it provides resources for ongoing support. It also offers services for perpetrators of partner violence to help them change their behaviors.

In 2018, STANDING FIRM fully integrated with Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh—a natural fit that aligned the missions of both organizations and allowed for coordination of resources. The organization also bid farewell to Pat as she retired, and it hired Beth Lewis as its new executive director.

Under Beth’s energetic leadership and as it celebrates its 10th anniversary, STANDING FIRM is positioning itself for a very successful future.

Want to save lives? Check out these charitable events

How does “exercise for a good cause” sound to you? UPMC and UPMC Health Plan are sponsoring several charitable walks this fall that will raise funds for important health research. Many of our employees have created teams to participate in these events. We encourage you to consider creating a team or participating as an individual or family.

Community Liver Alliance Walk the Talk Liver Walk
Date: Saturday, October 5
Time: Registration will open at 7:30 a.m.; run will begin at 8:30 a.m.; walk will start at 9:30 a.m.
Place: Kennywood Park, West Mifflin

This 5K run/walk is designed to create awareness about liver health and raise money for research, resources, and educational programs within the community. The cost of admission is $50 per adult and $25 per child under 12. Registration includes a T-shirt, breakfast, lunch, refreshments, and free entrance to Kennywood’s Happy Hauntings.

Date: Sunday, October 6
Time: Registration will open at 9 a.m.; walk will begin at 10 a.m.
Place: Monroeville Community Park West

The National Association on Mental Illness’ NAMIWalks is the nation’s largest mental health awareness and fundraising event. There is no fee to register for this 5K, family-friendly walk. Those who raise funds for the event will receive incentives ranging from T-shirts and umbrellas to insulated tumblers and other items. Click here for more information.

American Lung Association LUNG FORCE Walk
Date: Saturday, October 19
Time: Walk will start at 8:30 a.m.
Place: North Park Boat House, Allison Park

LUNG FORCE Walks are a time to raise awareness and funds to fight lung cancer and lung disease. You will make friends, learn more about the organization’s mission, and help fulfill its vision of a world without lung disease. Your participation and support will help fund lung cancer research and provide invaluable lung health resources, assistance, and information to those who need. Click here for more information.

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) Light the Night Walk
Date: Thursday, October 17
Time: Walk will start at 7 p.m.
Place: Heinz Field, North Shore

LLS provides patient support services and advocates for life-saving cancer treatments. Each year, friends and families gather to celebrate, honor, and remember those touched by cancer and raise funds for LLS’ mission. Click here for more information.

Arthritis Foundation Jingle Bell Run/Walk
Date: Saturday, December 14
Time: Registration and health and wellness expo will begin at 7:30 a.m.; 5K will begin at 10 a.m.
Place: Stage AE, North Shore

Get your jingle on! Put on you most festive holiday costume, then gather your friends and family to raise funds for a great cause: battling arthritis. Click here for more information.

Winter 2019

Community Spotlight: 412 Food Rescue and its Cooking Matters program

Visit 412 Food Rescue’s website to download its app today.

Read an article in Pittsburgh Magazine about Cooking Matters.

Screenshots from 412 Food Rescue's app

If you have read the news lately, you’ve probably seen “412 Food Rescue” in the headlines. 412 Food Rescue was founded in 2015 and has an extraordinary approach to reducing food waste and food insecurity in southwestern Pennsylvania. The organization uses a free mobile app to rally a cadre of more than 1,000 volunteers who pick up surplus produce at grocery stores and restaurants – produce that is safe to eat but is either nearing its “best by” date or needs to be disposed of to make room for new shipments – and redistribute it to food pantries, senior housing developments, and community organizations so that it can be used by people who need it.

412 Food Rescue also serves as the region’s hub for Cooking Matters, a nationally-recognized food education program of Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign. Each Cooking Matters session includes a series of six weekly interactive cooking classes and is hosted by a local community organization that primarily serves low-income families with young children ages birth to five, and senior citizens who are experiencing food insecurity. Participants learn how to make nutritious food choices, prepare healthy, affordable meals, and reduce food waste in their homes. In addition to covering the basics of cooking, the classes also highlight topics such as how to accurately read food nutrition labels, how to purchase healthy foods on a budget, and tips for eating a well-balanced diet. Sessions are facilitated by volunteers who are stationed at a community organization or are employed by a multi-site partner such as Adagio Health, which has agreed to implement the program at several locations. All facilitators are trained in the Cooking Matters curricula by 412 Food Rescue and certified in food safety.

UPMC Health Plan is currently supporting the purchase of groceries, cooking supplies, and educational materials for Cooking Matters sessions that are currently being hosted by 10 nonprofit organizations. By June 2019, these sites will deploy 19 cooking sessions to about 200 parents and caregivers. Last fall, three of these sites completed their first Cooking Matters sessions. Parents of young children and the senior citizens who participated in these sessions reported that the program taught them how to cook healthier foods, understand how to shop for groceries on a budget, and assist their families with making better food choices. Here are a few quotes from a survey they filled out after the session:

  • “Cooking has become an adventure!”
  • “Foods I thought were hard to make, are not.”
  • “[This program] has given me more confidence in the kitchen.”
  • “[I learned] different ways to use vegetables.”
  • “It taught me a lot of nutrition facts and increased my awareness about healthy eating, along with saving money.”

All of the parents and 83 percent of the senior citizens reported that they prepared a healthy recipe from the class for their families at home. The self-reported frequency of drinking low-fat dairy products and choosing low-sodium foods also increased significantly among all participants.

412 Food Rescue has identified many organizations among its network of nonprofit partners in southwestern Pennsylvania that want to hold Cooking Matters sessions on an ongoing basis and become “cooking schools” for the community. Its goal is to deploy 100 Cooking Matters “schools” – which means it will need to train many more facilitators to deploy the Cooking Matters curricula. To help reach this goal, UPMC Health Plan is supporting a Cooking Matters Train-the-Trainer event in spring 2019 that will enable the training of approximately 40 additional facilitators who will operate within 20 nonprofit organizations.

Free Good Fridays at The Warhol every Friday in January 2019

Warhol gallery - photo credit Abby Warhola Warhol gallery - photo credit Dean Kaufman

Photo credits: Abby Warhola (left) and Dean Kaufman (right)

Kick the winter blues with a night at the The Andy Warhol Museum! Admission will be FREE from 5 to 10 p.m. every Friday in January.* You can mingle with friends, take in the funky artwork by Warhol and other artists, and groove to the beats of a DJ. While you’re there, check out The Warhol’s latest exhibition, “Cry Baby,” by artist and Carnegie Mellon University professor Devan Shimoyama. Mr. Shimoyama’s captivating artwork depicts a vulnerable yet resilient portrait of African-American boyhood and masculinity. The exhibition features paintings, photography, and sculptures that span his career to date, plus a series of new works that will be on display for the first time.

*UPMC Health Plan members may be asked to sign in upon admission for attendance tracking. Free admission does not include paid programs, seminars, and special events that may occur at The Andy Warhol Museum on these dates. Admission is subject to venue capacity.

Half-price admission at Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

Did you know that UPMC Health Plan members receive half-price admission at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh on days when UPMC MyHealth Community events are held? Just show your UPMC Health Plan insurance card upon admission. (Please note, this discount is applicable only for UPMC Health Plan members. Regular admission fees apply to guests of the members unless otherwise stated.) Visit the museum’s website to see a calendar of all upcoming UPMC MyHealth Community events.

Sunday, January 13, from 1 to 3 p.m. – Enjoy a family dance party in the theater with one of the coolest DJs in town: DJ KellyMom! This event is a great opportunity for children of all ages to work off their winter energy!

Sunday, February 17, from noon to 2 p.m. – Your child can celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day by making a kindness pledge and creating a bookmark of appreciation for someone important in their life.

Caring for senior citizens during the holidays

volunteers with meals for seniors

UPMC’s hospital expansion to central and eastern Pennsylvania over the last few years has brought many positive changes to the communities located in those regions, and UPMC Health Plan’s investment in these areas has naturally followed. In December 2018, more than 400 low-income senior citizens who live in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, received care baskets delivered by volunteers of Success Through Engagement and Partnership (STEP) – a local nonprofit community action agency. UPMC Health Plan gave STEP funding so it could purchase healthy food items for the baskets and we donated a supply of coffee mugs and packets of hot cocoa as a special holiday treat for the seniors.

Upcoming UPMC Health Plan Connect Center events

Heading to your local mall? Stop by one of our UPMC Health Plan Connect Centers to participate in these fun health-inspired events this fall! Be sure to check our events page often for the latest updates about these events and others.

Fall in love with heart health

Date: Saturday, February 9, 2019
Time: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. (stop by anytime)
Place: UPMC Health Plan Connect Centers at Monroeville Mall, Ross Park Mall, and South Hills Village

Get pumped about taking care of your heart! Speak to one of UPMC Health Plan’s expert health coaches about lowering your heart disease risk and how to better manage the condition by decreasing stress, eating healthier, and getting more active. FREE cholesterol and blood pressure screenings will be offered at the Monroeville Mall Location. FREE blood pressure screenings only will be provided at the Ross Park Mall and South Hills Village locations.

Take a stand against colon cancer

Date: Saturday, March 16, 2019
Time: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. (stop by anytime)
Place: UPMC Health Plan Connect Centers at Monroeville Mall, Ross Park Mall, and South Hills Village

Colorectal cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in the United States. The good news? You have the power to change the risk factors you can control. Join us to speak one-on-one with a health coach about how to lower your colorectal cancer risk. Enjoy FREE giveaways, and get health tips, resources, and more.

Fall 2018

From new freezers to home reno’s: We’re helping with big community improvements in 2018

Highlighted in this article is a selection of projects funded by UPMC Health Plan in 2018 through the Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP), an initiative of the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development. This is a valuable program for nonprofits and corporate funders in the Commonwealth, allowing companies to invest more dollars in more communities than would be possible than through a strictly charitable donation. During the 2018 NAP funding cycle, UPMC Health Plan underwrote a total of 41 projects in communities across Pennsylvania. Many of these projects have already been completed or are scheduled for completion by the end of the year. We understand the importance of working with organizational partners to address a community’s greatest needs, and we are proud to support nonprofit organizations in neighborhoods where we operate, through this initiative.

A new freezer for the Westmoreland County Food Bank

Ribbon cutting Crowd shot

Westmoreland County Food Bank (WCFB) has been addressing food insecurity among the 365,000 people living in Westmoreland County, Pa., for 35 years. It supplies 7 million pounds of food annually, thanks to the hard work of 24 staff members and about 7,000 volunteers. It takes a lot of resources to run an efficient food bank—not the least of which is a giant freezer that can accommodate more than 1 million pounds of food. By late 2017, WCFB’s old freezer had fallen into disrepair and wasn’t going to do its job much longer—the Food Bank was at risk of losing one of its most valuable assets at any time. Through NAP, WCFB secured a main source of funding from UPMC Health Plan and combined it with additional resources from two other funders. This enabled WCFB to purchase and install an even larger state-of-the art freezer that will not only increase the quantity of food distribution throughout its service area but will lower energy costs for the facility and is expected to operate for at least the next 20 years.

Expanding health services in central Pennsylvania

New health center

Hamilton Health* aims to improve the health of the residents in the Harrisburg, Pa. area by providing patient-centered health services. It has been doing this for more than 40 years by providing medical and dental care for the underinsured and impoverished. In 2016 alone, Hamilton Health served 26,117 people, many of whom traveled to Harrisburg from Perry County to receive care. In Perry County, 10 percent of residents fall under the poverty line and 13 percent lack health insurance. These truths spurred Hamilton Health Center to expand their services into the neighboring county through the construction of a new health center. UPMC Health Plan was pleased to support the construction of a new 4,000 square-foot facility. The building is conveniently located in a strip mall and includes six medical examination rooms, four dental operatories, and a behavioral health facility. With this new location, Hamilton Health can now provide many of its services to Perry County residents on a full-time basis. We commend Hamilton Health for the positive impact it continues to make on the health of those who live in central Pennsylvania.

*Hamilton Health is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) primarily serving Medicaid and Medicare beneficiaries, and families and individuals who do not have health insurance. This organization is not part of the UPMC Advantage network for UPMC Health Plan commercial group and Health Insurance Marketplace members.

Revitalizing the communities of Braddock and Elizabeth, Pa.

Work on house Resident standing on balcony

Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh (RTP) revitalizes communities in Pittsburgh by renovating and creating safe and healthy homes for families who cannot afford to make necessary improvements. With the help of generous corporate donors and a cadre of 25,000 volunteers, nearly 2,300 rebuild/renovation projects have been completed since the organization’s inception 25 years ago. UPMC Health Plan was honored to be able to contribute to the efforts put forth by this organization in 2018 through NAP. This summer, RTP worked primarily in the communities of Braddock Hills and Elizabeth Borough. In Braddock Hills, six owner-occupied home renovations were completed. Two additional vacant homes were renovated that will be sold in partnership with the community land bank and Braddock Hills borough. In Elizabeth Borough, 18 home renovations were completed. With NAP funding, RTP was also able to hire three local residents and provide workers with six months of training and work to complete the renovations. RTP’s work truly transforms the lives of low-income homeowners and their families. There is an extensive impact made on families and the community as a whole by this organization, and we are pleased to have been a part of it.

UPMC Health Plan members can get healthy with Active&Fit Direct™ program

For many people, the back-to-school season can feel like a fresh start, an opportunity to set new goals – and the perfect time to launch a new fitness routine! Regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Exercise can help you manage your weight and reduce your risk of chronic disease. And it often produces mood-boosting endorphins, making you feel more upbeat and energetic when you’re done.

You’re most likely to make exercising a habit if you find a workout that you enjoy. Joining a gym can be a great option for some people. There’s no worries about the weather, you have access to many different types of equipment. And if you like variety, group exercise classes can provide new challenges.

Did you know that members of UPMC Health Plan have access to the Active&Fit Direct program? This program allows you to choose from 9,000+ participating fitness centers and select YMCAs nationwide for $25 a month (plus a $25 enrollment fee and applicable taxes). And if you enroll in the month of September, your $25 enrollment fee will be waived with the promo code 792062S3.

The Active&Fit Direct program offers:

  • Online directory maps and locator for participating fitness centers (available on any device).
  • A free guest pass to try out a fitness center before enrolling (where available).
  • The option to switch fitness centers to make sure you find the right fit.

One thing to note: you pay $25 for your first month no matter when you start. So if you sign up on September 23, you’ll pay $25 for that entire month of September. Bottom line: if you qualify for this promotion, don’t delay. Sign up today!

If you are a member of UPMC Health Plan, you can get started by following these instructions:

  1. Log in to > Featured Information > Active&Fit Direct
  2. Create an Active&Fit Direct website account
  3. Pay your fees and applicable taxes and enroll in the fitness center or YMCA of your choice

The Active&Fit Direct program is provided by American Specialty Health Fitness Inc., a subsidiary of American Specialty Health Incorporated (ASH). Active&Fit Direct is a trademark of ASH and used with permission herein.

Upcoming UPMC Health Plan Connect Service and Sales Center events

Heading to your local mall? Stop by one of our UPMC Health Plan Connect Service and Sales Centers to participate in these fun health-inspired events over the next several months. Be sure to check our events page often for the latest updates about these events and others.

Breast Cancer Awareness Event

Date: Saturday, October 13
Time: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. (stop by anytime)
Where: UPMC Health Plan’s Connect Service and Sales Centers at Monroeville Mall, Ross Park Mall, South Hills Village, and The Mall at Robinson
Come get empowered and learn about tests you may need, preventive strategies, and other facts about breast cancer. Join us at a participating UPMC Health Plan Connect Service and Sales Center to talk one-on-one with UPMC Health Plan health coaches about self-exams, mammograms, foods that can lower risk and other tips.

Let's Deal with Diabetes

Date: Saturday, November 10
Time: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. (stop by anytime)
Where: UPMC Health Plan’s Connect Service and Sales Centers at Monroeville Mall, Ross Park Mall, South Hills Village*, and The Mall at Robinson

Learn more about how to manage or prevent the onset of diabetes at this community wellness event. Join us at a participating UPMC Health Plan Connect Service and Sales Center to talk one-on-one with a UPMC Health Plan health coach—as well as get a FREE glucose check.

*The free glucose check will not be available at the Ross Park Mall or South Hills Village locations. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Happy, Healthy, Flu- and Stress-free Holidays

Date: Saturday, December 15
Time: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. (stop by anytime)
Where:UPMC Health Plan’s Connect Service and Sales Centers at Monroeville Mall, Ross Park Mall*, South Hills Village*, and The Mall at Robinson
Find out how to minimize holiday stress and maximize your chance of staying healthy this season. Plus, get a FREE flu shot.

*Flu shots will not be available at the Ross Park Mall or South Hills Village locations. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Free Thursdays and Flu Shots at The Carnegie

Carnegie Museum of Natural History

UPMC Health Plan is pleased to support FREE public admission* to the Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History from 3 to 8 p.m. on every Thursday during the month of September. Your family will enjoy access to all these museums have to offer, such as the incredible Dinosaurs in Their Time exhibition, the Hillman Hall of Minerals and Gems, and beautiful original artwork from world-renowned classical and modern artists. Chat with UPMC Health Plan’s knowledgeable health coaches, pick up health and wellness resources, and get information about Marketplace Open Enrollment. Plus, we’re offering FREE flu shots to the public** during these events to get you prepared for the upcoming cold and flu season. Hope to see you there!

*UPMC Health Plan members may be asked to sign in upon admission for attendance tracking. Free admission does not include paid programs, seminars, and special events that may occur at Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History on these dates.

**Flu shot availability is limited; first come, first served. UPMC Health Plan membership is not required to receive a flu shot, but UPMC Health Plan members should bring their ID card. Flu shots will be administered to adults over the age of 18 on every Thursday in September from 3 to 8 p.m. Children under age 18 can receive a free flu shot on Thursday, September 27, from 3 to 6 p.m. only. Children’s flu shots will be administered in the UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Ronald McDonald Van at The Carnegie on this day.

Fall walks for the whole family to enjoy

Cool, crisp weather in the fall is the perfect time for you and your family to enjoy a walk or run – and lucky for you, there are plenty of UPMC Health Plan-sponsored walks and runs to participate in!

Join us for Run Shadyside on Saturday, October 6, and includes a 5K run and 1-mile Family Fun Walk that benefits the Boys and Girls Club of Shadyside. Medals will be awarded to the top male and female runners in each group. Stick around after the race and join the Boys & Girls Club and Chamber of Commerce for a pancake breakfast.

The Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) Relay is on October 12-13. This is the inaugural year for the race, which will challenge relay teams of eight runners each to run various distances on the Great Allegheny Passage trail from Cumberland, MD, to Pittsburgh, PA.

The Keystone Pennsylvania section of National Alliance on Mental Illness will host its 16th annual NAMIWalks on Sunday, October 14. Form a team with family and friends and register online for this fundraiser event. Funds raised will help NAMI advocate for resources to help people who struggle with mental illness. The walk will be held at the Waterfront in Homestead.

The EQT 10 Miler will be held on Sunday, November 4. This scenic run starts at Station Square and the course will take you through Pittsburgh’s historic and charismatic neighborhoods of the North Side and Lawrenceville before finally ending in downtown Pittsburgh. Spectators can enjoy entertainment by three different bands along the route, and a post-race party will be held at BRGR Pittsburgh in downtown.

Join a family-friendly barre class with Let's Move Pittsburgh

Let's Move Pittsburgh and the YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh will be hosting a FREE, family-friendly barre class in the Special Events Hall at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens on Sunday, October 14, from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. This ballet-inspired workout uses the principles of classical dance to tone and sculpt the entire body, including elements of cardio, core and flexibility. Led by a certified YMCA barre instructor, this is a great way for people of all ages to get some stress-free exercise!

This event is free to attend, but advance RSVP is required, as space is limited. Click here to register.

Be sure to save these dates for upcoming family fitness classes at Phipps:

  • November 4 – Family Zumba
  • December 9 – Family Zumba
  • January 13 – Family Pilates

Participants are asked to arrive 30 minutes early to register at the Welcome Center. Please bring your own water, towel and yoga mat. The session lasts approximately one hour. Participants need not pay admission to Phipps Conservatory unless they plan to tour the Conservatory after the session.

UPMC Health Plan is proud to be a founding partner and continued supporter of Let’s Move Pittsburgh.

Spring 2018

Ride on: BikePGH events are coming your way this summer

UPMC Health Plan is proud to support the work of BikePGH, a pedestrian and bike advocacy organization that is helping to make biking accessible to all residents of the Pittsburgh community. Check out these family-friendly biking events that are coming to your area.


OpenStreetsPGH is back in 2018 with three free events, one new extended route, and one brand-new route on a brand-new day! These events invite Pittsburghers of all ages and abilities to reimagine their streets as places for people, not just cars. Last year, an estimated 90,000 people participated in OpenStreetsPGH. This year’s events are expected to draw more than 100,000 participants. OpenStreetsPGH will be held on Sunday, May 28, Sunday, June 25, and Saturday, July 28. They will offer something for everyone, from fitness workshops, to kids’ activities, shopping, brunch, community arts, and special promotions presented by over 100 local businesses and organizations. Three event hub stages along the routes will feature free fitness classes by the YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh providing dance, strength, and mind and body workshops. Be sure to check out the website for more information on these fun activities.

UPMC Health Plan PedalPGH

We’ll celebrate the 25th anniversary of UPMC Health Plan PedalPGH on Sunday, August 26! This is the largest charity bike ride in Pennsylvania, with more than 3,000 participants annually. Choose from a 10 Mile Local Loop, 25 Mile City Tour, 40 Mile Grand Tour, and 62 Mile Challenge. Don’t miss your opportunity to participate — simply register online. Adult registration starts at $40 per rider, with youth registration at only $5. The ride begins and ends at Southside Riverfront Park. The community impact of this annual event goes beyond event day. Since BikePGH took over the PedalPGH in 2012, the event has raised more than $330,000 for bicycle and pedestrian advocacy in Pittsburgh.

“Because of [UPMC Health Plan’s] support, we’ve been able to grow PedalPGH into the region's largest bike ride that has raised critical funds that go towards youth education, community building events, and advocacy that has resulted in safer streets in and around Pittsburgh,” said Scott Bricker, Executive Director at BikePGH.

Support Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh at Walk for Children’s

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation started Walk for Children's in 2016 to bring patients, their families, and the local community together in support of Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC's mission to provide excellence in patient care, clinical teaching, and research. Since then, the Walk has raised over $1.4 million dollars to support the kids at Children's. UPMC Health Plan is very proud to sponsor Walk for Children’s, which will be held on Saturday, June 23, at Schenley Park. We encourage you to get involved by registering a team for the walk.

Walk for Children's is an opportunity for patients, caretakers, families, and individuals throughout the community to get involved and give back to Children's. This day is also about celebrating the patient champions: those who have been or are currently being treated at Children’s and who show great strength and courage throughout their medical journeys.

The hospital thrives on the generous support of the community, which provides hope by enabling the hospital to serve all children, regardless of their ability to pay. Fundraising has enabled the treatment of rare diseases, defined new standards of care, pioneered protocols, and provided family-centered services in a world-class environment. Every discovery, every milestone, and every advancement are rooted in the same mission and supported by the same essence of community philanthropy from more than a century ago.

Enjoy Third Thursdays at CMOA through the rest of 2018

Carnegie Museum of Art

UPMC Health Plan is pleased to sponsor Third Thursdays at the Carnegie Museum of Art (CMOA) — an after-hours, adults-only (18+), themed event on the third Thursday of every month throughout 2018. The party starts at 8 p.m. and continues through 11 p.m., complete with food and beverages, music by a DJ, and special activities. Admission is only $10 per person, unless stated otherwise. For more information about upcoming Third Thursday events, visit

Upcoming UPMC Health Plan Connect Service and Sales Center events

Heading to your local mall? Stop by one of our UPMC Health Plan Connect Service and Sales Centers to participate in these fun health-inspired events over the next several months. Be sure to check our events page often for the latest updates about these events and others.

Pit Stop for Men's Health

Date: Saturday, June 2 (The Mall at Robinson) and Saturday, June 16 (Monroeville Mall)
Time: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. (stop by anytime)
Where: UPMC Health Plan’s Connect Service and Sales Centers at The Mall at Robinson and Monroeville Mall

Guys, here’s your chance to speak one-on-one with a health coach or clinician about health topics like heart disease and stroke prevention, diabetes, prostate/colorectal cancer, stress management, and more. All are welcome to attend and take advantage of FREE screenings, light refreshments, and fun activities for the entire family.

Just Ahead: Your Healthiest Summer Ever

Date: Saturday, July 14
Time: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. (stop by anytime)
Where: UPMC Health Plan’s Connect Service and Sales Centers at Ross Park Mall, South Hills Village, and Monroeville Mall

It’s time for summer — and that means fun in the sun! Get timely tips on how to “eat in season” and incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet, keep your family hydrated, and protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Back 2 School in GR8 Health

Date: Saturday, August 11 (Monroeville) and Saturday, August 25 (Robinson)
Time: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. (stop by anytime)
Where: UPMC Health Plan’s Connect Service and Sales Centers at Ross Park Mall, South Hills Village, and Monroeville Mall

Let us help you get your kids ready to start a new school year. Chat one-on-one with UPMC Health Plan health coaches to get advice and answer questions about your child’s preventive care, immunizations, dental hygiene, asthma, etc. Enjoy FREE face painting, balloon art, and giveaways!

Let's Move Pittsburgh Family Fitness Classes

Let’s Move Pittsburgh regularly hosts fitness classes with professional instructors, featuring yoga, Zumba, and others. These classes are open to the public and geared toward families with children of all ages to encourage physical activity as a family unit. Don’t miss fun family yoga on Phipps Conservatory’s historic front lawn on Sunday, July 8, and Sunday, August 5! Bring your own yoga mat, a water bottle, and towel. Pre-registration is required. More information will be posted on prior to each event.

UPMC Health Plan was a founding partner of Let’s Move Pittsburgh in 2011. We are pleased to continue to support this organization’s mission to improve the health of families in Allegheny County.

Join us “under the big top” for Healthy Family Day at Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

Child playing Mother and child

It’s a circus like no other! Join us “under the big top” on Saturday, July 28, for UPMC Health Plan’s annual Healthy Family Day at Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. UPMC Health Plan members will receive 50% off the cost of up to four general admission tickets* to this event, so bring the whole family! Your little ones will revel in the daring theatrics of the Pittsburgh Circus Arts Collaborative — plus they’ll learn how to walk a tightrope with Steel City Slackers, shimmy and shake at a family dance party with DJ KellyMom, make healthy circus-themed treats to take home, and more! Visit for more information.

*Regular admission fees apply. UPMC Health Plan members must show their member ID card at the admissions desk to receive the discount. Ticket availability is subject to venue capacity.

Find Summer Food Service Program sites in your neighborhood

No child should go hungry, ever — but summertime can be an especially difficult time for kids whose families are struggling to put food on the table. With school out of session, these children do not receive free breakfast and lunch provided by the National School Lunch Program. Some children must fend for themselves at home while their parents work during the day.

The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank’s (GPCFB) Southwestern Pennsylvania Food Security Partnership promotes the Summer Food Service Program — a service of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) — to families living in all communities within its 11-county service area. This program provides free meals to children during summer months. Local organizations like churches and community centers serve as site sponsors to serve the meals to children age 18 and under, regardless of family income. In 2017, more than 6,000 organizations in GPCFB’s service area served more than 1 million meals to hungry children.

To find a Summer Food Service Program site in your neighborhood, click here.

Supporting women in recovery for addiction

POWER is an agency an agency in Pittsburgh that helps women reclaim their lives from the throes of addiction to alcohol and drugs, and works to reduce the incidence of addiction in future generations. With our region's opioid epidemic increasing, UPMC Health Plan recognizes that POWER's work is more important now than ever. Diane Holder, President and CEO, UPMC Health Plan, will chair the POWER PROMISES gala on Wednesday, June 13 — the organization's largest fundraiser event. We are dedicated to working with organizations such as POWER to bring hope to women, men, and children who feel the effects of addiction throughout the family unit.