you can depend on.

We know that affordable health care options are important to you.

We have the flexibility to tailor health care networks, health plan, and wellness programs to meet your needs while managing costs. Our health plans are designed to encourage you to become more involved in making health care choices that can keep you healthy and engaged with your health care providers and your insurer. We also give employers options for cost-sharing plans that can lower premium and out-of-pocket costs for employees while providing the kind of high-quality medical services you expect from UPMC health care networks.

Prescription for Wellness: A new path to health

Plenty of health plans offer health coaching, but UPMC Health Plan takes it to a new level with Prescription for Wellness. Employees can team up with their doctor and their health coach to achieve wellness goals. Physicians can write prescriptions to several UPMC Health Plan health coaching programs including:

  • Behavioral health (examples: depression, anxiety, ADHD, substance abuse).
  • Condition management (examples: diabetes, heart disease, asthma, low back pain).
  • Maternity (examples: prenatal classes, breastfeeding support, tobacco cessation).
  • Lifestyle improvement (examples: weight loss, physical activity, tobacco cessation, stress management).

UPMC Health Plan members can call or visit their doctor and ask for a Prescription for Wellness at no additional cost.

Medical cost estimator and treatment adviser tools

Find out roughly how much you can expect to pay out-of-pocket for a specific procedure and research options to manage your condition.

Many preventive care services covered at no cost to you

At UPMC Health Plan, many preventive services like screenings, immunizations, and health exams for children and adults are covered at 100 percent. That means you pay nothing. And, if you have children covered under your plan, they’ll be covered at 100 percent for a variety of screenings and immunizations.