UPMC HealthyU

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Employers are increasingly focused on the health and productivity of their employees as an essential business investment. Consumer-directed health plans and wellness programs continue to grow in popularity as a way to deal with increasing health care costs. But where do you get the resources to run a wellness program? HealthyU is a ready-made plan to help employers manage population health. HealthyU can help you better control costs by engaging your employees in healthy and cost-conscious behavior. Subscribers and their covered spouse or domestic partner are eligible to earn incentives under the plan.


  • Higher-deductible health plan with coinsurance
  • Built-in incentivized wellness and health management program*
  • Spending account called a health incentive account (HIA) funded by monthly premiums and administered by UPMC Health Plan
  • Two options for how members spend reward dollars earned in their HIA — an automatic application or a debit card option

*Subscribers and their covered spouse or covered domestic partner can earn reward dollars in their HIA for completing incentivized activities. Dependent children (including adult children) are not eligible to earn reward dollars.

Wellness support comes with every plan

  • Health Coaching – Telephone-based lifestyle coaching and condition management coaching that can help your employees improve their health, make lifestyle changes that last, stay motivated, keep goals in sight, and overcome obstacles.
  • MyHealth OnLine – Our secure member website with practical tips, tools, and strategies for better health. Your employees can also find a doctor, view their medical history, get information on their health plan benefits, and much more.
  • UPMC AnywhereCare* – A newly enhanced virtual visit platform that allows members to receive expert care using a computer, tablet, or smartphone. UPMC AnywhereCare connects a member to a provider using video technology. Ideal for nonemergent conditions, such as sinus infection, allergies, or pink eye. This service is available 24/7 from anywhere in the United States.

*Patients located in Pennsylvania at the time of the service will have a virtual visit with a UPMC-employed provider. If a patient is located outside Pennsylvania, the service will be delivered by a separate provider group — Online Care Group (OCG).

Eligible Groups

All size employer groups are eligible for UPMC HealthyU.