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Employer Group Ancillary Benefits

Your employees are your most important asset. Help them stay well with UPMC Health Plan’s ancillary benefits.

At UPMC Health Plan, we define affordability as the value you get for the money you spend. That’s why we work hard to ensure that the benefits we provide are comprehensive and help our members live their healthiest life. Ancillary benefits— including vision, dental, and hearing coverage—are an important part of a comprehensive benefits package.

Hearing Benefits

Why offer your employees hearing benefits?
Hearing loss-related workplace injuries represent a significant financial burden for employers in terms of lost productivity and increased medical care and workers’ compensation costs. Learn more about hearing benefits.

How can UPMC Health Plan help?
Our hearing health benefit is provided in partnership with Amplifon Hearing Health Care for employers with 51 or more employees. Amplifon has negotiated discounts with a nationwide network of providers, and members can use their hearing health care benefits to lower the providers’ already discounted prices.

To learn more about our hearing health offerings, contact your producer or account manager or call 1-833-825-2696.

Vision Benefits

Why offer your employees vision benefits?
Vision care providers can address much more than eyestrain concerns. They can also detect a range of costly conditions during eye exams. These conditions may be easier—and more affordable—to treat if they are caught early. Learn more about vision benefits.

How can UPMC Health Plan help?
UPMC Vision Care, administered by National Vision Administrators (NVA®), gives members access to a national network of vision care providers. There are a variety of plan designs with both copay and no copay options. To learn more about UPMC Vision Care options, contact your producer or call 1-833-825-2696.

Dental Benefits

Why offer your employees dental benefits?
Poor oral hygiene can increase a person’s risk for cavities, gingivitis, and periodontitis. It has also been linked to chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease. Learn more about dental benefits.

How can UPMC Health Plan help?
Offering UPMC Dental Advantage plans can encourage regular preventive care and foster open communication between your employees and their dentists. You can purchase UPMC Dental Advantage as a standalone benefit or integrate it with your UPMC Health Plan medical coverage. To learn more about UPMC Dental Advantage options, contact your producer or call 1-833-825-2696.

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