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Health Care Reform for Employers

Employer groups of every size are preparing for the 2015 plan year. That’s when some employers are subject to penalties if they do not offer 70 percent of full-time employees and their children affordable health insurance coverage that meets certain standards. Health is our business, so we’ve put together useful resources to help you better understand the law. Whether you’re looking to learn more or ready to shop for a plan, count on us.

Coverage Options for Your Employees Under the Affordable Care Act

Learn how the ACA gives more people access to health coverage. You also can learn what types of plans are available through Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) Marketplace and the coverage they entail. See the essential health benefits, including coverage for preventive care that all plans must cover.

Learn About Health Coverage

Buying Insurance and the Affordable Care Act

The ACA challenges employers to take a new approach to health coverage. Get the information you need to understand what has changed.

Learn About Buying Insurance


Health insurance terms can be like a different language. But don’t break out the flash cards just yet! Our glossary explains commonly used terms so you can be as informed as possible when making your health care decisions.

Check Our Health Care Glossary