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The Value of Choosing UPMC Health Plan

Choose UPMC Health Plan and get more than group health coverage. You get an affordable health plan that fits your organization’s budget year in and year out. You get a partner to help you administer your plan and identify the health needs of your workforce. And you get the satisfaction of knowing you’ve given your employees access to the care they deserve.

Managing Costs

UPMC Health Plan not only helps you manage the administration of your plan to help you save time and money, we also give you the tools and programs your employees need to make healthier lifestyle decisions. Healthy employees are happier, more productive, and less likely to miss time at work — all of which helps to manage your health care costs.

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Network and Access

Your workforce deserves (and wants) the best. With UPMC Health Plan you can give your employees and their families access to the top-ranked care of UPMC, which includes many community hospitals and care facilities.

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Partnering in Employee Health

UPMC Health Plan partners with your organization to help manage the health of your employees. By identifying the health needs of your workforce and then developing programs to address those needs, your employees become engaged in their own health and live healthier lives. And that’s a benefit to everyone.

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