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UPMC HealthyU

Higher-deductible health plan with coinsurance.
Built-in incentivized wellness and health management program.
Spending account called a health incentive account (HIA) funded by monthly premiums and administered by UPMC Health Plan.
Two options for how members spend reward dollars earned in their HIA: an automatic application or a debit card option.


UPMC HealthyU (EPO/PPO) is an innovative plan that rewards members for making healthy choices. By completing healthy activities, subscribers and their covered spouse or covered domestic partner can earn reward dollars in a health incentive account (HIA) that helps pay for their health care expenses. Dependent children (including adult children) are not eligible to earn reward dollars. UPMC HealthyU recommends healthy activities that are uniquely customized to the individual, each with a reward dollar value to help encourage members to focus on what’s most important in understanding and improving their own health. UPMC Health Plan deposits reward dollars into the member’s HIA every time he or she completes a recommended activity. The reward dollars then help pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses, such as deductible, coinsurance, and pharmacy copayments. Employers may choose to offer this plan with claims-based reimbursement or with a debit card. Employer groups of all sizes are eligible for UPMC HealthyU.

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