UPMC Consumer Advantage Health Savings Account (HSA)

What is a health savings account (HSA)?

Health savings accounts (HSAs) linked to qualified high-deductible health plans (QHDHPs) are increasingly popular. And no wonder. Savvy employees are using HSAs not only to pay for current health care expenses, but also to save for health care expenses in retirement. That’s right, an HSA covers you in the short and long term.

But the best part of an HSA may be that it’s your account and your money. So you can take it with you when you change employers or retire.

Top Benefits of an HSA

  • Provides tax savings. Contributions, account interest, and dollars spent are all tax-free.
  • Pays for health care now. Allows you to set aside pretax dollars for expected and unexpected health expenses.
  • Pays for health care later. The HSA becomes another part of your retirement nest egg that can be there for health care expenses later in life.
  • Portable. The money in the HSA goes with you when you change employers or retire. Also, the funds you don’t need for short-term expenses may be invested. This provides a better opportunity for funds to grow for future qualified expenses.

UPMC Consumer Advantage Card

This is a special-purpose debit card that provides instant access to the funds in your HSA. The card allows you to pay for eligible products and services at the point of sale.

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