UPMC Consumer Advantage Qualified Transportation Accounts (QTA)

What is a qualified transportation account (QTA)?

Qualified transportation accounts (QTAs) are a great way to fund your commute to and from work. QTAs allow you to set aside pretax funds for eligible transit and parking expenses related to your commute to work, and are governed by IRC Section 132. Employers that offer a QTA option can also allow funds to rollover from year-to-year.

Top Benefits of a QTA

  • Provides tax savings. Contributions are all tax-free.
  • Provides flexibility. Funds can be used for qualified parking or transit expenses, depending on how you prefer to commute to and from work.

Commuter Parking Account

Qualified parking expenses include the cost of parking your vehicle near your work or transit location.

Commuter Transit Account

Qualified transit expenses include the cost incurred for commuting to work by vanpool or by mass transit, such as train, bus, subway, or ferry.

If you have both a parking account and a transit account, each account is entirely separate, and you cannot transfer funds from one to the other.

UPMC Consumer Advantage Card

This is a special-purpose debit card that provides instant access to the funds in your QTA. The card allows you to pay for eligible products and services at the point of sale.

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