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Helping the Ones You Love

Helping the Ones You Love

Raising Healthy Children

Quality Health Insurance for Children

UPMC for Kids is available through a contract with the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) of Pennsylvania. This is a state and federally funded program that provides health insurance for children until they reach age 19. Our members have access to UPMC’s large network of world-class doctors and hospitals, in addition to a wide range of benefits available through the CHIP program.

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Additional Resources for Raising Healthy Children

Supporting Family Elders

As your loved ones age, you can help them stay as healthy as possible by understanding their health and the health care decisions they face.

Supporting Elders Living at Home

Are you helping an older relative stay healthy enough to continue living in their own home? Is an older relative living with you? Click here to read about the tipping points that turn helpers into caregivers, and resources for dealing with each.

Helping Elders Prevent Falls

For older adults, a fall can have serious consequences like hip injuries, bone fractures, and head trauma. Falls often lead to long-term medical problems and present a risk for health decline and early death in seniors. Read advice from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for helping seniors stay healthy by avoiding falls.

Insurance Options After Age 65

Elders sometimes need help sorting through Medicare plan options. UPMC Health Plan offers a highly rated Medicare Part C option that may be right for your older relative.

UPMC for Life is a product of and operated by UPMC Health Plan, Inc., UPMC Health Network, Inc., and UPMC Health Benefits, Inc.

UPMC for Life offers a variety of products and services, including HMO and PPO plans that have a monthly plan premium as low as $0.* We have plans with and without prescription drug coverage. Our plans are available to both individuals and to employers that wish to offer retirement benefits.

All UPMC for Life members have a special team of Health Care Concierges who are dedicated to providing personal assistance every time it’s needed. With just one phone call, our members can get in touch with a concierge who can help find a network doctor or provider, answer benefits questions, check to see if prescription drugs are covered, and much, much more.

*You must continue to pay your Medicare Part B premium as applicable.

Medicare is a federal health insurance program. In order to qualify, you must be a U.S. citizen or a legal resident who has lived in the United States for five consecutive years. For personal help understanding Medicare and our plan options, call toll-free 1-866-400-5077 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week.* TTY users should call 711.

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Additional Resources for Elderly Care

Caring for the Men in Your Life

When a man in your life has a health problem, you may find yourself stepping up to gather information, arrange doctor appointments, provide healthy meals, and encourage healthy changes. Maybe you are doing these things for your spouse or partner, brother, nephew, friend, or other loved one. UPMC Health Plan offers resources that can help.

Resources for Men

Health Care Proxies

Are you involved in helping a loved one stay healthy or manage an illness? Ask your loved one to sign a health care proxy form at their doctor's office and with their health insurance plan. A proxy legally allows the doctors and insurance plan to share information with you about your loved one's care. It also lets the doctors and insurance plan receive information from you about your health concerns for your loved one. Your status as a health care proxy can encourage an easy exchange of information and let you be a more active participant in your loved one's care.

Health Information Resources

How can you know if an online source of medical information is reliable? Read the National Library of Medicine's brief tutorial on how to be a savvy consumer of online health information.

UPMC Health Plan members have access to a wealth of reliable health information. Members can find resources on disease conditions, quality health care providers, and healthy changes like quitting smoking, eating better, and getting more exercise.

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