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UPMC Center for High-Value Health Care Launches First-Ever Activity Report, Highlights Important Health Care Quality Improvement and Research Initiatives


PITTSBURGH (February 5, 2015) – With open enrollment for health insurance plans purchased on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace nearing an end, UPMC Health Plan and CVS Pharmacy are teaming together for a series of special enrollment events.

Some examples of the Center’s work include, but are not limited to:

As a nonprofit research organization housed within the UPMC Insurance Services Division, the UPMC Center for High-Value Health Care leverages its unique position to strengthen collaboration across UPMC, the University of Pittsburgh, and other academic and community partners.

One such collaboration detailed in the Activity Report is the “UPMC for You High-Value Care for Kids” project. This project hinges on the Center’s work to redefine and streamline a payment model for some of the most medically complex and vulnerable members of UPMC for You, the physical health Medicaid managed care organization of the UPMC Insurance Services Division. In addition to the Center, stakeholders include Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, Children’s Community Pediatrics and General Academic Pediatrics, along with families, advocates, and policymakers. The initiative is one of only four such projects funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation nationwide.

“We are very excited to have a report that showcases the success of our work over the past four years,” said Donna Keyser, Senior Director of the UPMC Center for High-Value Health Care. “We understand that the achievements contained within are not ours alone; they are a result of years of planning and preparation through a collective effort of our staff, our partners, and our stakeholders. This report is a great testament to everyone we worked with, and those whom we will continue to work with in years to come.”

Since August 1, 2009, nearly $12 million has been awarded to UPMC Insurance Services Division entities by various private funding partners, and academic and government institutions. This achievement is largely due to grant proposals investigated and written by the Center. The funding will continue through the first quarter of 2017, and currently supports 13 health care quality improvement projects that advance the health of UPMC Health Plan members and the communities that UPMC serves.

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