UPMC Health Plan gives you quick, convenient options for getting your medications.

Retail locations

Your pharmacy plan gives you access to a broad network of retail pharmacies nationwide, including CVS, Rite Aid, Sam’s Club, and Walmart; regional chain pharmacies such as Giant Eagle, GIANT, MARTIN’S, and Wegmans; plus hundreds of independent pharmacies.

When you take your prescription to any in-network pharmacy, the pharmacist will confirm your coverage, fill your prescription, accept your copayment, and process your claim. Aon Active Health Exchange participants also have access to out-of-network pharmacy benefits.

Find A Pharmacy

Curious about coverage for a specific medication?

You can look up your current medications using our 2021 Your Choice Formulary.

Find A Medication

Additionally, you can fill out the Pharmacy Review form for a free review of your medications.

Many preventive medications are covered at no cost to you.*

*In accordance with the Affordable Care Act

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