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Looking for a health care provider? Here’s how.

important consideration when selecting a health insurance plan is whether your doctor is a part of the plan’s network. When you become a member of UPMC Health Plan, you can save money when you choose a participating provider. As a member, you always have full in-network access to UPMC.

To see if your doctor is a part of our network, use our provider search tool and follow these easy steps:

  1. Click on the button below to begin your search.
  2. Type your current provider’s last name/practice name, or search by location.
  3. In the Know Your Plan Name section, select Coverage Through Your Employer under Coverage Type.
  4. Select Premium Network Plans - EPO and PPO Plans under Plan Name.
  5. Click the Find Providers Now button.

We can always help you find the provider of your choice. Simply call our Health Care Concierge at 1-888-252-0690.

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