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Meet Our Team

UPMC Health Plan’s team of public health dental hygiene practitioners (PHDHPs) is available to help you with all aspects of you and your family's dental care. These dental experts can:

  • Provide dental education.
  • Connect you to local dentists.
  • Attend community events to provide oral health education.
  • Answer your questions about oral health.

Select your county to view your team member and their contact information. Don't hesitate to reach out to them if you need help!

Your PHDHP is:

Your Telephonic PHDHP is:

Alaina Stango
Alaina S.
Barb Hammerschmitt
Barb H.
Doree Rossey
Doree R.
Doree Rossey
Shannon M.

Director of Clinical Programs - MA

Jessica Rhodes
Jessica R.
Fax: 412-454-7552