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Provider Manual

This manual is for physicians, hospitals and other health care practitioners in the UPMC Health Plan network. Refer to it for quick guidance on the Health Plan's operational and medical management practices.

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Table of Contents

Welcome and Key Contacts – Effective December 10, 2019
A.3Provider OnLine
A.4UPMC Health Plan Website
A.5How to Use This Manual
A.6Key Contacts
A.7Table A1 UPMC Health Plan Behavioral Health Services (BHS) Contacts
A.9Table A2 UPMC Community HealthChoices Contacts
A.14Table A3 UPMC for Kids (CHIP)
A.16Table A4 UPMC for Life (Medicare)
A.18Table A5 UPMC for You (Medical Assistance)
A.23Table A6 UPMC Health Plan (Commercial)
A.25Table A7 UPMC Medicare Special Needs Plans (SNP) Contacts
A.27Table A8 Other Program & Government Contacts
Previous version of Chapter A (effective January 1, 2018)
Provider Standards and Procedures – Effective December 9, 2018
B.2Provider Rights, Responsibilities, and Roles
B.17Provider Standards and Requirements
B.28Accessibility Standards
B.33Referrals and Coordination of Care
B.39Hospital Guidelines
B.43Provider Disputes
B.49Provider Credentialing
B.55Medical Assistance Revalidation Requirements
B.57Provider Sanctioning
B.59Provider Termination
B.60Integrated Denial Notice
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UPMC Health Plan (Commercial) – Effective July 26, 2014
C.2Employer Group Products at a Glance
C.5Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)
C.7Enhanced Access: Point-of-Service (POS)
C.9Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)
C.11Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO)
C.13UPMC Consumer Advantage (Consumer Directed Health Care Plans)
C.15UPMC HealthyU
C.16UPMC Inside Advantage
C.18Covered Benefits
C.29Benefit Exclusions
C.30Services That May Be Covered With Certain Restrictions
C.31Complaints & Grievances
C.32Complaint Procedures
C.34Grievance Procedures
C.41UPMC Individual Products
C.45Covered Benefits for Individuals and Their Families
C.48Benefit Exclusions for Individuals and Their Families
C.49Complaints and Grievances for Individuals and Their Families
C.50Complaint Procedures for Individuals and Their Families
C.52Grievance Procedures for Individuals and Their Families
C.58Other Resources and Links
C.59Preventive Guidelines
C.59Quick Reference Guide
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UPMC for Kids (CHIP) – Effective February 3, 2019
D.2At a Glance
D.4Covered Benefits
D.15Benefit Exclusions
D.16Member Complaint & Grievance Procedures
D.21Member Rights & Responsibilities
D.23UPMC for Kids Quick Reference Guide
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UPMC for You (Medical Assistance) – Effective July 16, 2019
E.2At a Glance
E.3Medical Assistance Managed Care in Pennsylvania
E.4Covered Benefits
E.30Other Services
E.32Services Already Approved by Another MCO or Fee-for-Service
E.33Services Not Covered
E.34Program Exception Process
E.38The EPSDT Program
E.46Member Complaint and Grievance Procedures
E.67Other Resources and Forms
E.68Copayment Schedule
Previous version of Chapter E (effective July 1, 2018)
UPMC for Life (Medicare) – Effective April 10, 2014
F.2At a Glance
F.3UPMC for Life HMO
F.5UPMC for Life PPO
F.7UPMC Health Plan Medicare Select and Medicare Supplement
F.8Benefits & Services for HMO and PPO Members
F.16Services Not Covered
F.17Services Requiring Prior Authorization
F.18Appeals & Grievances
F.21Quick Reference Guide
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Medical Management – Effective January 1, 2018
G.2 At a Glance
G.2 Procedures Requiring Prior Authorization
G.3 How to Contact or Notify Medical Management
G.4 When to Notify Medical Management Case Management Services
G.7 Case Management Services
G.10 Special Needs Services
G.12 Health Management Programs
G.14 Clinical and Preventive Health Care Guidelines
G.15 Member and Provider Surveys and Assessments
G.17 Quality Improvement Program
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Claims Procedures – Effective January 1, 2018
H.2 At a Glance
H.4 Submission Guidelines
H.12 Claims Documentation
H.24 Codes & Modifiers
H.30 Reimbursement
H.32 Denials & Appeals
H.32 False Claims
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Member Administration – Effective January 1, 2018
I.2 Member Identification Cards
I.5 Provider and Member Rights and Responsibilities
I.6 Identifying Members and Verifying Eligibility
I.9 Determining Primary Insurance Coverage
I.16 Selecting or Changing a Primary Care Provider
I.21 Removing a Member from a Provider's Practice
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Pharmacy Services – Effective May 27, 2019
J.2 At a Glance
J.4 Pharmacy Policies
J.6 UPMC Health Plan (Commercial) Pharmacy Program
J.12 UPMC for Kids Pharmacy Program
J.14 UPMC for You (Medical Assistance) Pharmacy Program
J.18 UPMC for Life (Medicare) and UPMC for Life Special Needs Plans Pharmacy Program
J.22 Where to Obtain Prescriptions
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Glossary and Abbreviations – Effective January 1, 2018
K.2 Glossary of Health Care Terms
K.13 Glossary of Behavioral Health Terms
K.18 Abbreviations
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Behavioral Health Services
L.1 At a Glance
L.3 Providing Behavioral Health Services to UPMC Health Plan members
L.13 About Being a Network Behavioral Health Provider
L.38 Overview of Quality Improvement
L.41 Fraud and Abuse Reporting
L.42 Information about UPMC Health Plan Claims Procedures
L.43 Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations Prepared for Behavioral Health Providers
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UPMC Medicare Special Needs Plans – Effective June 15, 2019
M.2 At a Glance
M.7 Covered Benefits and Services
M.15 Services Not Covered
M.17 Member Appeals and Grievances
M.20 UPMC Special Needs Plans Model of Care
M.25 UPMC Special Needs Plans – Model of Care — Case Management
M.30 Quick Reference Guide
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UPMC Community HealthChoices (Medical Assistance) –
Effective December 14, 2019
N.2 At a Glance
N.3 Community HealthChoices Managed Care in Pennsylvania
N.4 Population Served
N.5 Covered Benefits
N.33 Linguistic and Disability Competency
N.35 Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias
N.36 Other Services
N.38 Services Already Approved by Another MCO or Fee-for-Service
N.39 Services Not Covered
N.40 Program Exception Process
N.43 Service Coordination
N.48 Provider Critical Incident Reporting Requirements
N.52 MA Provider Compliance Hotline
N.53 Participant Complaint and Grievance Procedures
N.55 Provider Monitoring
N.56 Other Resources and Forms
N.57 Copayment Schedule
Previous version of Chapter N (effective May 28, 2019)