Introducing Good Health, Better World season 3: Women’s Health

UPMC Health Plan launched its “Good Health, Better World” podcast in 2020 to focus on social determinants of health and build upon community-based health initiatives driven by the UPMC Center for Social Impact. The podcast is now in its third season, and host Ellen Beckjord, PhD, MPH, Vice President, Population Health and Clinical Optimization for UPMC Health Plan, continues to use it as a platform to underscore the relationship between social and environmental factors and the health disparities that various populations face.

In Season 3, discussions center around supporting women’s health across generations, populations, and life stages. Experts discuss ways to empower women to take control of their health, including through advances in research and health care delivery.

A conversation with host, Dr. Ellen Beckjord

What was the inspiration for Season 3?

UPMC and UPMC Health Plan are both women-led companies with strong female leadership at all levels. In August 2022, Diane Holder—President and CEO of UPMC Health Plan—reached out to ask some of us for an update on our efforts to reach women health care consumers. Diane noted that women are often the drivers of health-related decision making in their families. I replied with the suggestion that we focus our third season of “Good Health, Better World” on women’s health, and Diane immediately replied, “Let’s do it!”

What topics can listeners expect from this season?

We wanted to arrange for conversations about how women can best take care of themselves when social and gender norms so often expect them to take care of others.

A range of topics are discussed this season—from increased attention to fluid and nonbinary understandings of gender identity to health along a life course marked by reproductive milestones. We also wanted to give a voice to vulnerability in women’s health, particularly related to pregnancy and motherhood, and especially for black and brown individuals.

We also wanted to hear about what’s on the leading edge of research, health care, and policy as it relates to women’s health.

What were you most inspired by this season?

We were blown away by the expertise and passion that Season 3 guests brought to these conversations, and I was especially moved by the recognition of women’s health as foundational to the health of our families, communities, and societies. These episodes are full of insights and guidance for women, but each has deep relevance for anyone who is interested in ways to navigate their own health and the healthcare system. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed talking!

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