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Health care is complicated. As an employer, you want to stay on top of the quote process and the changing landscape of the local and national health care industry.

Quote Process

If you’re interested in UPMC Health Plan coverage for your business, learn about the process, and how you can get the ball rolling. It all starts with a quote.
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Coverage Maps

For in-network access to all UPMC doctors and hospitals—plus many community doctors and hospitals—look no further than UPMC Health Plan.
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Travel Coverage

UPMC Health Plan has a national extended network for members who need urgent or emergency care while they are traveling.
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Digital Tools

UPMC Health Plan offers a range of digital tools that help employees understand and improve their health. And the tools come with every plan.
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UPMC Prescription for Wellness

UPMC Health Plan wants to partner with you to help your employees and their families. Learn how Prescription for Wellness can do just that!
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There are many terms in the health care industry that are helpful for you and your employees to know. UPMC Health Plan has compiled a list of commonly used terminology for your reference.
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