UPMC Consumer Advantage

UPMC Health Plan Consumer Advantage offers a number of spending account options, including FSA, HSA, HRA, HIA with debit card, and QTA. Learn what each spending account option offers, how they differ from one another, and how they can help your employees. UPMC Consumer Advantage also provides a choice between the UPMC Premium Network and UPMC Partner network. Depending on the location of the business and financial needs, employers may choose between a broad or narrow network. The UPMC Partner Network may also be offered as a dual choice.

A one-stop-shop for all spending accounts.

UPMC Consumer Advantage members have access to a unique, all-in-one website that offers:

  • 24/7/365 access to their accounts, download information, forms, and notifications.
  • Single sign-on access from MyHealth OnLine, meaning members only need to remember one username and password.
  • Fund performance and prospectus information for several mutual funds (HSA only).
  • Paperless administration, including online account summary reports.
  • The ability to upload receipts and track expenses.
  • Up-to-the-minute account balances and activity details.
  • The ability for members to request distributions to themselves or directly to a provider (HSA only).
  • A debit card for quick and easy access to account funds.

The UPMC Consumer Advantage mobile app lets members to:

  • Check account balances.
  • View account history.
  • Enter new expenses.
  • Receive alerts via text messages.
  • Upload receipts with a mobile camera.
  • Enter claims and request distributions.
  • Access from tablet, Android, or Apple devices.

Employer Benefits

With UPMC Consumer Advantage, you can choose from three distinct employee health care spending accounts. These products can:

  • Enhance your employee benefits package.
  • Improve employee health and productivity.
  • Decrease your health care costs.
  • Reduce your payroll taxes.

That’s the advantage of UPMC Consumer Advantage.

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