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Additional trainings

Medicare basics

The Medicare 101 Booklet (PDF) includes health care vocabulary, explains the four parts of Medicare, enrollment periods, and more.

Cavulus training

Learn how to input your leads, schedule callbacks, order sales materials for your leads, make important notes, and track your sales. View the Cavulus training.

Cavulus tips and tricks – Use this document as a quick reference on how to work leads through the sales cycle.

Sales trainings

Discover Medicare-specific strategies to generate leads, gain loyalty with prospects, and increase sales.

UPMC for Life Complete Care (HMO SNP)

This covers everything you need to know about our new UPMC for Life Complete Care (HMO SNP) plans, including our Community HealthChoices partnership.

Virtual sales tools

You can now send your clients the Scope of Appointment (SOA) form, enrollment form, and the plan change form electronically through Cavulus.