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Save money and get more from Medicare

UPMC for Life has new and improved plan options for 2023. Get more of the benefits and services you want in one easy-to-use plan!

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Get started with the right Medicare plan–UPMC for Life

Whatever your health care needs, UPMC for Life is here for you. UPMC for Life is our Medicare Advantage plan (Part C). Medicare is the federal health insurance program for people age 65 and older as well as certain people who qualify as disabled.

UPMC for Life offers affordable medical and prescription drug coverage in one easy-to-use plan.

Here are just a few benefits you can get with UPMC for Life:

$0 plan premiums, $0 PCP and telehealth visits, $0 preferred prescriptions
Access to UPMC plus doctors and hospitals in your community, across PA, and out of state
Dental, vision, and hearing. Coverage for dental services and dentures, eyeglasses or contacts, and a great discount on hearing aids.
NEW! UPMC for Life Flex Spend Card: Up to an additional $1,000 to spend however you like on over-the-counter health care products and dental, vision, and hearing services. Your health care dollars, your choice!

Learn more about the Medicare plans we’re offering for 2023

We care about our members and work closely with them to make sure they get the care and coverage they need. Here are some things you should know:

Medicare enrollment timelines

Most Medicare beneficiaries have a limited time to change or enroll in a plan each year.

Check out the Medicare enrollment timelines

Four parts of Medicare

There are four parts of Medicare: Part A, Part B, Part C, and Part D. Each of these parts may include premiums, copays, cost sharing, and deductibles that you pay in order to receive health care coverage.

Learn more about what each part covers

Outstanding customer service and support

This plan is more than just great insurance—it’s also great support. Our team of licensed Medicare Advisors can provide you with confidential, personal help throughout the entire process.

Get to know the Medicare Advisor team

Medicare coverage checklist

We provide a Medicare Coverage Checklist to help those retiring and/or enrolling in Medicare for the first time. This should help you consider your Medicare options.

Check out our Coverage Checklist

Medicare 101

View our Medicare 101 booklet as a quick reference guide to everything you need to know about the basics of Medicare!

View Medicare 101 Booklet

Not looking for yourself? No problem. We have plenty to share with your family and friends who need to find Medicare coverage.

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Ways to learn more about UPMC for Life

We make it easy to understand everything you need to know about Original Medicare as well as how to choose the Medicare Advantage plan that’s right for you. See all the ways we can connect!

Work with a licensed Medicare Advisor

You can talk to a Medicare Advisor over the phone or connect face-to-face with a video appointment! You can also join us at a community meeting online or in person to learn more about the basics of Medicare and your UPMC for Life plan options. Call the UPMC for Life Medicare Advisor team toll-free at 1-866-416-5771* (TTY: 711).

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Find a UPMC for Life Medicare plan that best fits your needs. You can compare and sort plans here.

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Get the information you need

Request a free information kit to learn about UPMC for Life plans and coverage options.

Request an Information Kit

Our team of Medicare Advisors can answer your questions, help you compare costs, and even take your application for enrollment right over the phone.

Call toll-free: 1-866-416-5771 (TTY: 711)

Medicare is the federal health insurance program for people age 65 and older as well as certain people who qualify as disabled. Employees who turn 65 and are still working may still be eligible to continue their employer-sponsored benefits. However, they will need to enroll in Medicare Part A and should consider enrolling in Medicare Part B to ensure they receive the maximum benefits for their health care coverage.