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Prescription strength health

Help is just an app away!

You can start building healthy habits in just a few minutes a day with the RxWell® app! It offers emotional health and lifestyle programs that you can access right from your mobile device.

Using the app can help you feel calmer, build healthier habits, and improve your overall health. You can choose your journey, work at your own pace, and set goals that are right for you. RxWell is free and available to UPMC Health Plan members 14 years of age and older.

A personalized service with support from a health coach

Need support to get motivated? A health coach provides accountability during your health journey through message-based support, answering your questions, and encouraging you as you progress.

Results in 30 days**

  • 55% of users found stress relief
  • 53% of users reported less anxiety
  • 64% of users reported an improvement in their mood
  • 53% of users improved physical health
  • 56% of users maintained a low A1C or decreased their A1C
  • 41% of users improved their sleep health

Take the first step to improve your health. Download the RxWell app on the App Store or Google Play Store.

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RxWell Topics

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Anxiety: Users learn techniques and tools to help them feel calmer while increasing their awareness of how thoughts influence feelings and behaviors.

Depression: Users learn techniques to boost their mood. They also learn how their mood is connected to their thoughts and actions, and how to challenge negative thoughts and beliefs.

Healthy Eating: Users learn how what they eat compares to healthy recommendations. They also learn to improve their label-reading skills and set small, doable goals around healthy eating.

Weight Management: Users learn to make small changes to their eating and activity habits. They also learn to strengthen their problem-solving skills.

Physical Activity: Users learn how to gradually increase their activity in fun, easy ways and get around common barriers to being active.

Sleep: Users set a sleep hygiene goal and learn relaxation response techniques. They also learn how their diet, activity, the environment, and stress can affect their sleep.

Stress management: Users learn proven methods to reduce their stress, then explore how to align their life with their values and add more joy to their days.

Ready to Quit (tobacco cessation): Users learn what quitting takes and gain skills that prepare them to deal with slips, challenges, cravings, and withdrawal.

Diabetes Management: Users learn the importance of being active, eating healthy foods, monitoring their blood sugar, and taking their medications. They also learn about preventing and solving problems, getting support, and coping with stress.

Healthy Families: Parents or guardians set incremental goals around one healthy family habit while learning mindful parenting practices to lower the overall stress at home.

Help Me Choose: This program will give users the opportunity to prioritize their health needs with their coach, and provide access to content on behavior change, applicable to any area of health. Based on individual health needs and goals, users may get connected to additional resources within and beyond RxWell.

Build a Healthier YOU

  • Set Goals

    Set goals: The Goal Setting feature monitors your progress and provides accountability to help you stay on track.
  • Learn about healthy habits

    Learn about healthy habits: Use healthy techniques to help to you live your healthiest life.
  • Track habits

    Track habits: The Habit Tracking feature can help you to solve problems and identify areas for improvement.
  • Add some positivity

    Add some positivity: Use cognitive behavioral techniques that are proven to improve mood and increase positivity.
  • Be mindful

    Be mindful: Find some calm and stillness with mindfulness exercises.
  • Partner with a coach

    Partner with a coach: Receive accountability from a health coach.

Have questions about RxWell?

RxWell app FAQ (PDF)

*RxWell is available at no cost to UPMC Health Plan members who are 14 or older.
**Results may vary by individual.