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Explanation of Benefits (EOB)

What your EOB can tell you

An Explanation of Benefits (EOB) gives you details about health care services you recently received. It lets you know how much you may owe or have paid for the service. It is not a bill.

We know the EOB can be confusing. That’s why we’ve designed our EOBs to make them easier to understand. Watch the video below and see our quick guide (PDF) | Tutorial de la Explicación de Beneficios (PDF) to learn about your new EOB.

Access your EOBs electronically 24/7

You can choose easy and quick digital access to your EOB through MyHealth OnLine or the UPMC Health Plan app. Our digital solutions offer our members real-time insight into items listed on EOBs. All EOBs are accessible 24/7 after the claim has processed and are downloadable for member needs. Instead of waiting for your EOB to come in the mail, we will email you a notification that a new EOB is available to view online.

View Your EOBs Now

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Save time, space, and the environment: Go paperless

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Once you update your preference, we’ll send you an email to confirm you’ll receive your future EOBs digitally. You can change your preference at any time and go back to receiving a paper copy in the mail.