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Health Coaching

Why work with a health coach?

Our coaches are experts in their fields. They have a lot of education, training, and experience. They understand the challenges you’re facing because they’ve seen other members struggle and have helped them succeed. Our coaches can help you:

  • Manage your weight. You’ll learn how to make healthier food choices. Coaches can also teach you how to add activity to your days to help you reach your weight goal.
  • Increase your physical activity. You’ll learn how making small lifestyle changes can help you build a foundation for better fitness and avoid many chronic conditions.
  • Quit using tobacco. Quitting tobacco is one of the healthiest changes you can make. A coach can tell you about counseling, treatment options, and support that can help you live a tobacco-free life.
  • Manage your stress. Many chronic diseases and primary care visits are connected to stress. A coach can teach you how to better manage your stress and become more resilient.
  • Improve your nutrition. You’ll learn how to make healthy, tasty food choices. You’ll also learn how important good nutrition is for your health.
  • Reduce your chances of developing diabetes. Our health coaches will teach you about this condition, then help you make a plan to reach a healthy weight, eat better, and/or be more active.
  • Improve your family’s health. Lifestyle changes are easier to make if everyone in your family works together. You and your coach can develop a plan to address your family’s health and wellness needs.
  • Sleep better. Your quality of sleep can affect many areas of health and well-being. You'll learn how to improve habits to fall asleep easier and have a better night's rest.

Our methods

We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to health improvement. That’s why your coach will design a plan that is customized for you and flexible enough to change as you progress. You’ll be the one who decides what to discuss and what is most important to you.

Building success

Your coach will guide you using evidence-based techniques and content to ensure you reach your goals. They’ll offer encouragement. They’ll help you set small, achievable goals that lead to bigger lifestyle changes. They’ll also help you work through challenges that come up along the way.

Constant support

Your coach will provide support and accountability, acting as a soundboard as you follow your plan. They’ll also celebrate your successes along the way—no win is too small! We know that making lifestyle changes takes time, and every victory serves as motivation to keep working toward the next one.

What does it cost?

Connecting with a care manager is FREE for all UPMC Health Plan members.

Connect today

We make meeting with your coach as easy and convenient as possible. There are a number of ways to talk to your coach, including:

  • To have a virtual visit through UPMC AnywhereCare:
    • Log in to or register for an account.
    • Once you are logged in, select the Health Navigation tile. If a navigator is available, you can choose Visit Now. If a navigator is not available, you can schedule a visit.
  • To start by phone, call 1-800-807-0751. TTY users should call 711. Help is available Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • To use a self-paced app (with real health coaching support), download RxWell®* from the App Store or Google Play™.

You can also ask your health care provider to connect you with Prescription for Wellness!

*RxWell is available to UPMC Health Plan members who are 14 years old or older.