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Quality Partners

They’re your patients and our members. At UPMC Health Plan, our number-one goal is the same as yours: provide them with excellent care. We collaborate with network providers to achieve measurable results in:

  • Improving patient health outcomes.
  • Closing gaps in care.
  • Lowering health care costs.
  • Increasing patient satisfaction.

To that end, we offer these programs:

Quality Partners incentive program

The Quality Partners incentive program rewards for achievements in care. For more information on this program, contact Provider Services at 1-866-918-1595.

Our Web-based tool, ProHEDIS, is an important part of the incentive program. ProHEDIS lets physicians and designated staff view patient information such as claims, lab results, and clinical outcomes.

Support from UPMC Health Plan staff

Your patients with UPMC Health Plan coverage can benefit from customized lifestyle improvement and condition management programs. A dedicated health coach provides personalized care that complements your care plan. Our health coaches are licensed nurses, counselors, registered dietitians, social workers, and exercise physiologists. Log in to Provider OnLine to see a full listing of available programs.

You have access to a physician account executive or network manager who understands your practice. Your representative can tailor the support we provide and is available to answer questions.

Quality Partners practices

These sites consist of primary care practices that utilize a model of care that is accessible, team-based, comprehensive, focused on quality and safety, and supported by robust health information technology. The result: Patients get care in the right place, at the right time, and in the manner that best suits their needs.