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With MyHealth OnLine, you can:

Review your member guide

Whether you are a new or returning member, it’s important to take a few minutes to review your member guide to learn about what your plan offers. We update this guide each year, and the information it contains will help you take control of your health and your health care expenses.

There are two ways to access your member guide:

  • UPMC Health Plan app: Sign in and follow this path: Plan Details > Member Guide.
  • MyHealth OnLine: Sign in and follow this path: Your Insurance > Plans and Coverage > Member Guide.

Designate a primary care provider

You can sign in to MyHealth OnLine to search for and select a primary care provider (PCP) or designate your provider if you already have one. Select a PCP today.

Review your Recommended Care

As a UPMC Health Plan member, you have access to many preventive services at no cost to you. Preventive screenings are important because they can help your PCP detect diseases and conditions early when they may be more treatable.

Use the UPMC Health Plan app or MyHealth OnLine to learn which preventive screenings are recommended for you.

Don't delay—schedule your preventive screenings today!

Review your recommended care.

Go paperless by updating your preferences

Enroll in autopay

If you enrolled for coverage through your employer, you will pay your share of premium cost through a payroll deduction, so you cannot enroll in autopay.

If you enrolled for coverage on your own, you must pay your premium every month. You can make this process fast and easy by enrolling in autopay. This reoccurring payment option is simple and secure. This reoccurring payment option is simple and secure.

Check your member guide to see if you are eligible. Review your member guide.

View documents and details

View coverage and spending details, download forms, and access plan documents in MyHealth OnLine.

By electing to receive documents like your Explanations of Benefits (EOB) on MyHealth OnLine rather than by mail, you’ll have everything you need in one place. Sign in to update your preferences.

When you sign in, you’ll also have access to:

  • A medical cost estimator that will give you an idea of how much a procedure will cost.
  • Your MyUPMC account to review information about the care you have received from UPMC providers.

Chat online with a Health Care Concierge or a health coach

Get questions answered by live chatting with our outstanding team of Health Care Concierges.

Live your healthiest life. Sign in to access programs, activities, and tools that can help you stay well and achieve your health goals. Chat with a UPMC Health Plan health coach today.

Search for a doctor, medication, or pharmacy

Find the right doctor based on your needs and plan.

Avoid headaches at the pharmacy by making sure your medications are covered or find a pharmacy near you. You can even get a personal review of your medications. Start searching today.