Managing Costs for Your Company

At UPMC Health Plan we don’t limit the definition of affordability just to what you pay for health insurance. Affordability includes the value you get for the money you spend. It means knowing that the benefits you provide help your employees live their lives in the healthiest way possible.

75% of health care costs are driven by lifestyle-related chronic illnesses.

We work hard every day to deliver affordable benefits and services to our employer groups. Benefits and services that offer the most value and help businesses of every size manage their health care costs.

We work closely with employers to understand and appreciate the impact on their business of unscheduled sick days, leaves of absence, and workers' compensation claims. We then use the health and productivity solutions of our MyHealth program to help engage employees in their health — ultimately helping each business make a healthy impact on their overall costs.

Keeping costs down for everyone is part of our mission. See it in action with a story from one of our clients, A.C. Miller Concrete Products.