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UPMC Benefit Management Services
University of Pittsburgh

Pitt Post-65 Retiree Defined Dollar Benefit (DDB) Program

What is the Defined Dollar Benefit (DDB) program?

The Defined Dollar Benefit (DDB) program was first introduced to faculty and staff retiring on or after July 1, 2004. The program is now offered to all eligible retirees.

General information

On the first business day of each month, a fixed credit amount is applied to each eligible retiree’s account that may be used toward the reimbursement of retiree medical coverage. The credits cannot be used toward the cost of dental or vision coverage, or toward the cost of Medicare premiums.

The DDB monthly credit amount is reviewed annually with an effective date of Jan. 1, and increased as necessary in accordance with the medical component of the consumer price index up to 5 percent. In 2024, DDB credits remain the same at $401 per month.

Retiree forms

Online forms

The following links will allow you to complete your forms online:

By mail

Use the following PDF forms to complete and send by mail:

You can also submit using the secure upload form.

Already have your form(s) completed?

If you received a form in the mail that you would like to submit to Benefit Management Services, you have the option to use the secure upload form instead of submitting by mail.

Need further assistance?

Call UPMC Benefit Management Services dedicated line for the University of Pittsburgh at 1-888-499-6885 or email