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Access To Top-Ranked Care

When Sarah needs care, she knows she has access to the top-ranked doctors and hospitals in the state. But Sarah isn't at home – she's on vacation. And she just sprained her ankle. With UPMC Health Plan, she's covered no matter where she goes. Relax Sarah; you're on vacation.

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Award-winning Customer Service

When Julie moved, she didn't know her way around her new town. But her Health Care Concierge did. In just one phone call, Julie found a new primary care physician, a pharmacy close to home, and more. Welcome to the neighborhood, Julie.

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Health & Wellness

Rob knew it was time to put down the cigarettes and pick up the tennis shoes. But he needed some help. So Rob started working with Lynn, his UPMC Health Plan health coach. She mapped out a plan for success and encouraged Rob along the way. You could say they have a healthy relationship. Rob lost 15 pounds and hasn't smoked in a year.

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Online Tools & Applications

Alex lives online. It's a good thing we do too. With the Health Plan's variety of online tools and applications, Alex is able to track the status of his latest claim as easily as he can track his physical activity. Now Alex can stay as connected to his health as he does to his Twitter followers.

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