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Workpartners Launches Brain Manager, an EAP Resource Specifically Designed to Help Employees Cope During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Brain Manager is an evidence-based, self-service app that helps people manage all types of stress and anxiety

PITTSBURGH (Apr. 27, 2020) – Workpartners, a part of UPMC Insurance Services, is a national leader in providing wellness and population health solutions for their clients. As employers work to confront the challenges that COVID-19 has placed on their workforces, Workpartners is offering companies complimentary access to Brain Manager, an effective, evidence-based tool that supports the mental well-being of employees and their families.

“Brain Manager guides users through a series of learnings and techniques that incorporate evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy techniques such as relaxation, cognitive reframing, exposure, breathing, and mindfulness,” said David Weir, President of Workpartners. “The goal is to give users the tools they need to cope with stress and anxiety as we settle into a new sense of normalcy in living with this pandemic or any other stress-related situation.”

Brain Manager is a self-service, digital tool that was specifically designed to help users calm their minds and bodies as they deal with stress-related situations like the current COVID-19 pandemic. Brain Manager delivers evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques and training through a custom, personalized experience. Users can complete mobile programs on stress and anxiety, all of which help boost emotional resilience and adaptability.

“We know from experience that healthy employees foster a healthy workplace, and this is going to be especially true as we begin the phased recovery and reopening of our society,” Weir said. “Because we feel so strongly that Brain Manager can have an immediate, positive impact now as part of a health management strategy, we are offering it free of charge to companies through September 30, 2020. Our hope is that Brain Manager will help employees take a proactive approach to their well-being, addressing issues before they become costly and overwhelming.”

The initial release of Brain Manager was directed to the more than 90,000 employees of UPMC, a world-renowned health care organization on the frontline combating the COVID-19 pandemic. “With UPMC as one of our largest clients, we innovate, test, and improve upon our health management strategies to help our clients achieve a healthier population,” said Weir. “Brain Manager has been very well received within our own population, giving our own employees and their families proven CBT techniques to lessen their considerable stress and anxiety.”

By using Brain Manager, users can increase their understanding of their own distress tolerance, sources of anxiety, and stress cues. It also teaches them to incorporate proven CBT learnings and “in-the-moment” relief techniques—such as deep breathing and pleasant imagery—into their daily habits. The goal is to increase relaxation, cognitive reframing, grounding, and mindfulness.

Workpartners is offering Brain Manager and future enhancements as part of LifeSolutions, a suite of employee engagement solutions, including an employee assistance program (EAP). LifeSolutions’ EAP programming includes telephonic support dedicated to helping individuals cope with difficult situations. provides resources on wellness and personal and professional development. Employees will also have access to an extensive network of providers who are licensed in clinical social work, psychology, marriage and family therapy, and counseling. Employees and their families enrolled in plans that offer LifeSolutions can speak with specially trained counselors 24/7/365. They are poised and ready to help callers through difficult and stressful life events, like COVID-19, substance use disorders, and other day-to-day challenges.

“Workpartners is committed to providing our clients and their employees with the EAP tools they need, LifeSolutions and Brain Manager, to cope with the mental challenges they face from the widespread social disruption, uncertainty, and unpredictability of these times,” said Jordan Karp, MD, Workpartners’ Medical Director.

To provide your employees and their families with the opportunity to use Brain Manager, or for more information about Workpartners, please call 1-866-229-3507 or email



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